Be Her Village Gift Registry

As a mom of 5 I love introducing my fellow moms and moms-to-be to new platforms that are going to make “her” life easier.  I’m excited to introduce you to Be Her Village, a new online gift registry designed to make Motherhood better. Be Her Village aims to empower moms with the support and resources they need and deserve instead of unlimited onesies and baby blankets.

Be Her Village Gift Registry

Be Her Village

When I had my first baby in NYC back in 2004 I felt alone. None of my friends had babies yet. I didn’t know where to turn or who to go to for things like lactation advice, prenatal massages, mommy and me meet-ups. I just kept asking people in my apartment building and my pediatrician. They gave me great tips, but my pediatrician didn’t know me very well. I was (in all honesty) just a “patient.”

I craved a village. I craved women to be around. I craved advice and tips. At that time – believe it or not – there weren’t many resources online for people. I felt stuck and very out of my element.

Today women don’t have to feel or be this way, thanks to destinations like Be Her Village.

Why do you need to check Be Her Village out for yourself or share it with other moms in your life?


First? You can Find Your Village. I’m telling you right now, as a mom “almost” on the other side, this is key. You need to be able to find people and specialists that will help you and be there for you. This is key and this is a necessity for you. I’m telling you, finding a village for me when kids were young was m ANCHOR.


Be Her Village

  • You need a pelvic floor specialist.
  • You need yoga. And coffee dates.
  • You need to know you’re not alone.

Register for all the support and services you need all in one place! How amazing is this? You don’t need to look around or go to a zillion places. It’s ALL in one spot. I love that they make it THAT easy for you and THAT mindless. It’s just a great way to be able to get all you need from the click of a finger and in one place!

Second, your Deserve this as a Mom.


When you’re a pregnant or a new mom or even a seasoned mom, you need to remember that YOU DESERVE things. You deserve ways to take the stress away. You deserve ways to not be overwhelmed. You deserve ways to feel your very best right now. Motherhood is a journey and an adventure.

Be Her Village

Imagine a baby registry where you can sign up for

  • A clean house
  • Promptly folded laundry
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Visit with a lactation specialist


Be Her Village

Where are my podcasting friends?

You will love this podcast! It’s a refreshing listen and easy to listen to on-the-go or at home!

The Be Her Village Podcast covers everything you need to know about having a new baby. We interview experts that work with birthing people and new families. We talk about the stuff no one else will–sex after baby, yikes! We laugh (and cry) about the realities of becoming a parent. Listen now!

Honestly, Be Her Village just makes your life better. It’s THAT simple. It’s THAT easy.

Be Her Village

First piece of advice? Join the Mailing List to keep yourself in the loop, too! There’s nothing like having everything come right to your inbox!

Join the mailing list

I’m telling you, it’s definitely worth checking out for yourself or share it with a mom you know.

I mean… imagine a “place” where you can register for what you really need (we’re talking support, not just stuff). You can find and connect with a support team in your area, which is key for pregnancy and motherhood. You can build your village easily with Be Her Village, which is just a necessity for women. You can create a free registry at And you can register for all the support and services you need for yourself and baby.

They’ve got it ALL for you.

*Disclosure: Paid sponsorship. All opinions are 100% my own.



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