Kids Back to School Hairstyles – 5 Simple Ones for Girls

I’m all about sharing some easy and simple Kids Back to School Hairstyles! It’s that time of year when our kids need to be up and ready for school. Whether they’re heading in school or doing it virtually, this time of year can be a little stressful. My daughter is heading into school, but a little sad that she has to wear a mask all day. It’s the way of the world right now, but it’s tough for the little ones to understand.

Kids Back to School Hairstyles

It made me start thinking about school and how different it is for everyone this year. Even if you’re home doing school virtually, you still need to be seen from the waist up. Just like I’m prepping for ZOOM calls with some pretty accessories and jewelry and tops, same goes for our kids. I thought it would be fun to share some kids back to school hairstyles. Hair is one thing everyone can rock right now, whether you’re at school or home.

I hadn’t really thought about how important is was to make sure our kids felt back to school ready in terms of their hairstyles until the other night when my daughter asked if I could braid her hair for the first day. Since she knows she will be wearing a mask and sticking with the same small group of kids, she wanted her hair to be fun for the first day!


Kids back to school hairstyles might just be something you need to be better at this year and I’m here to help! I started doing hairstyles with my little girl on TikTok during March because we were home and we just wanted something FUN to do together every single day. It was our “task” of the day, but it was a fun one that we looked forward to together.

I’m going to share with you (5) SIMPLE Hairstyles you can do on your girls. I wanted to make sure they were doable kidsback to school hairstyles because nobody has time in the morning for anything too crazy. I’ve never been good at intricate hairstyles for girls. I’ve always had to do simple and easy, but the good news is that there are SO MANY simple and easy kids back to school hairstyles.

1st Hairstyle: This is a simple ponytail style. All you need to do is take a small section of hair and wrap it around the ponytail. Once it’s secured at the end, it’s so cute. I love this style because it’s quick and easy, but also SUPER CUTE!

Kids Back to School Hairstyles

2nd Hairstyle: If you’re a bun lover, this is a simple one and can be done in seconds. Literally, SECONDS! I love this style because it’s just a cute one that you can do and it’s such a fun one to wear. Whenever Victoria wears this style, people always comment on it.

Kids Back to School Hairstyles

3rd Hairstyle: This is a fun hairstyle for girls, I love this one because it’s simple. I think this one is a great one for parents who are quick out the door and need a hairstyle fast.

Kids Back to School Hairstyles

4th Hairstyle: This knotted ponytail style is a super cute look! I feel like this is one that ANYONE can do if you have longer hair. I’m all about trying to find styles that are updos because it keeps the hair out of faces. I know my daughter loves to run and play and needs her hair UP!

Kids Back to School Hairstyles

5th Hairstyle: Here’s another easy updo for parents! I love this style because (again) it’s super easy and super fun to do. Whenever I do these styles I love to show Victoria what they look like because I love her reaction! These hairstyles are perfect for anyone, any age!

Easy Ponytail Style for Girls

I hope you enjoy these kids back to school hairstyles for your child. These hairstyles are meant to make YOUR life easier in the morning. I also want you to remember that these hairstyles are great for kids right now to feel chic and on trend with all that’s going on right now! Hair time is a fun time with kids in the morning and a cute way to express yourself!

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