Road Trip Trivia Questions – 50 Questions for Families

When it comes to road trips with the kids, we like to be prepared. As much as we rely on technology to keep the kids busy, we also like them to (as I call it) “come up for air.” We’re BIG into Road Trip Trivia Questions that everyone can play and get in on the fun.

Road Trip Trivia Questions


When I was a kid we used to play road trip trivia all the time. There was no technology “way” back then, so we had to come up with games and activities to keep us occupied in the car. Even if we were just heading to my grandma’s house as a kid, it was about 25 minutes away. Coming up with road trip trivia questions kept us busy and engaged in the car during the drive.


It’s not always easy coming up with questions that will fit for everyone, so our advice would be to make teams in the car. This is the easiest way to make car trip trivia fair. In our family we have kids that range in age from 7-16 years old, so when it comes to asking road trip trivia questions we need to make sure there’s something for everyone.

Road Trip Trivia Questions for Kids

To get you started, we wanted to create 50 Road Trip Trivia Questions for you. Once you see the kinds of questions to ask, you’ll be on your way! We like to make sure the questions are relevant and ones that we know our kids will (or should) know the answers to. It’s going to be different for every family, but if you have kids that range in age likes ours this will help you out!

Road Trip Trivia Questions for Kids

50 Car Trip Trivia Questions:

What state is the Statue of Liberty in?
What is the capital of Massachusetts?
What ocean is off the west coast?
Name 3 of the Parks you can visit while at Disney World.
What fruit keeps the doctor away?
Name 3 of the Star Wars movies.
Who invented electricity?
What are the 3 colors of the United States flag?
Who is on the $1 bill?
How many days are there in a year?
What is the capital of New York?
Name 4 Disney Princesses
How many colors are in the rainbow?
Name 4 of the 13 colonies.
What (2) colors make purple?
What brand’s tagline is “Just Do It?”
Where would you order a Whooper?
What is the capital of California?
What City is known as the “Windy City?”
What is the biggest City in the United States?
Who was the very 1st President?
Name 3 cities that the Housewives on Bravo are in.
Name 3 states that begin with an M.
Name 3 First Ladies.
How many laps on a track is a mile?
Name a Justin Beiber song.
What sport do you need to be in the water for?
What state is the Hollywood sign in?
Where do you get a BigMac?
What fruit do you get the most of in Florida?
What ocean is on the east coast?
What 2 colors make orange?
Who is a famous TikToker?
Who is the founder of Disney?
Name 2 boy bands.
Name 3 ways to make chicken.
How many players can play basketball at once?
How many planets are there?
What holiday falls on July 4th?
What 3 ingredients do you need to bake a cake?
What is the name of the scientist that studies the ocean?
Name 3 characters in the movie Frozen.
What city is the football team that has an Eagle in?
What is the capital of Texas?
Where is Fenway Park?
How many Olympics did Michael Phelps swim in?
What months have 31 days?
What state would you be in when you’re visiting Empire State Building?
Name 4 sports that use a round ball.
How many weeks are there in a year?

I know that when it comes to road trip trivia questions it’s something that keeps kids occupied and laughing. There’s nothing like seeing your kids work together to try and come up with some answers. I love watching them get excited when they’ve gotten one right! It’s really cute to see them know the answers, but also take the time to think the answers through.

Road Trip Trivia Questions for Kids

I’m all about making sure that I do everything I can to keep car rides and road trips fun. Nobody likes to sit in the car for hours driving. I always think that my kids think we love road trips, we don’t! Or at least I don’t! It’s not easy to sit and just drive. Coming up with a bunch of road trip games and road trip activities is the best thing you can do for your family.

Driving through the country

I hope these 50 Road Trip Trivia Questions give you some FUN! How many were you able to get right with a first pass through? Did you do OK? See how you do before you start quizzing the kids! Running through all of these questions with my husband was fun, he was able (thank goodness!) to get them all correct.

Check out my post on 38 Road Trips Games to Play with Kids.

Also make sure you’re following us on YouTube. We have chronicled many of our road trips in the past. You will get some laughs watching the mayhem that ensues when our family is on the road!

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