Weekly Cleaning Routine for Families

Every family needs to have a cleaning strategy in place for their homes. It’s not easy cleaning a house, especially with kids. There’s always a mess or dust or something somewhere! This weekly cleaning routine for families will help you stay on track and make sure you’re hitting all the key spots in your home throughout the week.

Weekly Cleaning Routine for Families

Weekly Cleaning Routine

One of the biggest pain points about cleaning your own house is that there’s ALWAYS something popping up. Cleaning your house can feel overwhelming.

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When you’re looking at your house as a whole, it’s a big area to clean. You need to take it room by room, or area by area. You need to get into a routine, which is why this weekly cleaning routine for families will help you out.


I know when it comes to coming up with a Weekly Cleaning Schedule it’s just the easiest way to keep yourself accountable and on track for making sure everything is getting clean.

There are weeks where you might forget to dust or wipe down mirrors (and you can live OK with that), but you don’t want to forget to clean/wipe down the floors and toilets and sinks. These are germ areas.

How to clean your house

When you have a weekly house cleaning schedule in place, it will help. This weekly cleaning routine will be “new” at first for you to get used to, but you will easily understand it and get used to it the more you do it.

It’s also important to make sure you get your family involved in the helping process, too. If you have kids that are old enough to help, take advantage of it!

Things to Clean in your Kitchen

This weekly cleaning routine (below) is perfect for any family. It’s meant to help you navigate your home and make sure it’s staying clean and organized.

With the start of every new season, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your house tidy during the season transition, too. It’s one of those things that people forget about with the changing of the season, but equally as important.

How to clean your house

An easy way to clean your house is to assign an area of your house to a particular day of the week.

Monday – Kitchen Day

Tuesday – Bathrooms

Wednesday – Bedrooms

Thursday – Living Room

Friday – Hallways/Pantry

Saturday – Laundry Day

Sunday – HOT ZONES

By assigning each day to certain chores in your house you will start to get a routine down in place for your home. This weekly cleaning routine is easy for families to do and then to stick with, too!

Weekly Cleaning Routine for Families

DOWNLOAD the printable here.

Here is another version of the same cleaning house routine printable, but just in a different layout.

Weekly Cleaning Routine for Families

DOWNLOAD the printable here.

The reason why having a HOT ZONES day is so important is because these are chores that just need to get done every single week (on repeat). This day might vary for everyone, but still it’s important to make sure you have a day that you have designated for “key” chores to do.

Things to clean in your kitchen

If you’re planning on getting your kids involved (which you should) make sure you have chores “starred” just for them. Not everything on the list can be done by kids, but it’s important to make sure you know what chores will work best for your kids. Teens can get more done than little kids, but there’s items on the list for everyone.

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It’s just important to do regular chores. If you’re not able to hire help, it’s all on YOU. You want to make sure you have a plan in place.


If you’re someone who likes to hire help to clean your house, you will quickly see that by taking your house room by room, you can easily stay on top of the cleaning. This will also help you determine which chores your kids can do, too. You won’t be paying a dime for someone to clean your house.

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The only way you will stay on top of this weekly cleaning routine schedule is to keep it visible for everyone. The printables here are meant to be used. Take the time to print these outs and check off the chores as they’re complete. You can also assign tasks to people in your family, too.

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Hopefully this cleaning schedule will help you out with your family. Chaos breeds chaos. When you have a clean and organized home it’s easier to feel like you can accomplish anything. It’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep yourself, your home and your family organized. This will change your life.

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