3 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do on Your Own Hair

Simple and easy hairstyles are the best because you can do them without thinking. When it comes to doing my hair in the morning for work events or video conference calls, I’m all about making sure it looks pretty. I love styling it differently and feeling like it looks pretty and chic.

3 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do on Your Own Hair

When I was a little girl my mom would do my hair every single morning. She would brush it and either put it up or put it to the side with barrettes. I do the same thing with my own daughter every single morning before school. It’s just nice to do her hair and have it set for the day.

I don’t have anyone to do my hair, so I’m on my own (as are most women out there!). We don’t have hair and makeup people at home who can pull together some fabulous hairstyles every single morning. When it comes to doing my own hair I’ve honed in on easy and simple hairstyles.


I wanted to share with you 3 of my favorite on-the-go hairstyles that you can do on your own hair. These are hairstyles that don’t require much thought or energy (I promise!). You’ll love these styles because they really can be done in just a few minutes and come out looking beautiful.

Hairstyle #1: Simple Braided Updo Hairstyle

This is an easy and fun hairstyle for you to do. You can do this on your child, too. It’s just a fun and chic style that can be done so easily.

How to do this hairstyle:
1. Take the hair at the crown of your head and divide into 2 sections.
2. Take each section and braid it back. Don’t do a super tight braid, just a loose one that can be twisted back.
3. Pin them back into place.
4. Now you can wear your hair like this OR you can pull the rest of the hair up.

3 Simple Hairstyles You Can Do on your Own

Hairstyle #2: Side Twist Hairstyle

I love this easy style for work or play. It’s a simple hairstyle that is elegant and sweet to do. I love that you can also do this on your child, too. It’s a very versatile hairstyle.

How to do this style:
1. Take your hair and elastic band it to the side on top. My recommendation is to take a smaller section of hair like I do above.
2. After you’ve formed it into a ponytail, do an inverted twist (you can see in the video).
3. You can puff out the flip section to make it look a little more boho or you can keep it tight to make it look more polished.

3 Simple Hairstyles You Can Do on your Own

Hairstyle #3: Side Twist Low Braid

This is a great style to do with your hair if you have longer hair. It’s a sweet and boho look that is great for the any occasion. You could wear this on the football field, at work or out for errands. I love that it’s a cute and elegant style.

How to do this style:
1. Take your hair and (quite literally) wrap it into a side twist.
2. Band it at the bottom.
3. Take the extra hair and braid it down.

I love these hairstyles for women! I also love that you can do all of these hairstyles on your own.

Here are 5 simple hairstyles that you can do as well every single day on your own hair, too! If you want some Cute Hairstyles for Moms, here are some additional ones, too.

I’m also sharing one of my personal favorite hair products, too! These are all things I use and love. These are my favorite hair products to keep on hand at all times.

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