L’ange Hot Brush (Why You Need This)

If you’ve been wondering if you want to buy the L’ange Hot Brush, believe me – you do. It’s one of those hair tools that you use and wonder where it’s been your whole hair life. It’s that kind of good.

L’ange Hot Brush

L'ANGE Hot Brush

I’ve seen dozens and dozens (and dozens) of influencers talking about the L’ange Hot Brush. They’ve shared why they love it and why you need it, and even seeing the before an afters I still wasn’t sure. 


I have super thick hair, so whenever I invest in ANY hair products or hair tools, I need to make sure they can handle hair that is thick. I can’t tell you how many hair tools and brushes I’ve bought throughout the years that don’t live up to what they promise.

I’m someone who will buy (almost) anything on the beauty and hair front if it’s going to work and make my life easier. To know that I can straighten my hair in less than 10 minutes (I never thought possible) and have it look smooth and silky, too – was a dream.

My dream came true with the L’ange Hot Brush. From the second I plugged it in, through the second I used it – I was hooked.

L'ANGE Hot Brush

I bought the L’ange Hot Brush called Le Vite. They have a two different colors, but I loved this light pink one. If the pink one isn’t up your alley, just know that there are other colors for you, too.

L'ange Hot Brush

The game-changing Le Vite Straightening Brush creates smooth hair in a single stroke, giving you the power of a straightener with the simplicity of a classic hairbrush. Elevate your daily routine with ease while preserving moisture with far-infrared thermal technology.

How to Use: On fully dry hair, use Le Vite as you would a styler to create a smooth and sleek look. For best results, slide the brush through your hair from root to tip at slow to moderate pace

Here is my full video review on the L’ange Hot Brush:


  1. It doesn’t make your hair so hot where it’s difficult to touch it.
  2. It’s smoothing to your hair as you use it, too. When your hair is done using it actually looks smooth and shiny.
  3. It’s super easy to use. ANYONE could use this one. You plug it in and start brushing, that’s the extent of it.
  4. It’s lightweight. I’m always asked about how heavy hair tools are, this one isn’t heavy at all.
  5. It (LITERALLY) cuts your hair time down in terms of straightening your hair. It’s a dream to see how quickly it works on your hair.

easy messy bun with long hair

If you’re thinking of inventing is this L’ange Hot Brush, it’s worth it. I’m not kidding, you will love how easy it is to use and how well it works. When you invest in anything – especially when it comes to something for your hair – you want it to work and be worth it.

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My added suggestions:

  1. I had the heat up to 370 degrees and it worked perfect.
  2. Make sure your hair is fully dry, this will help a ton.
  3. Section off your hair as you use it. In the video I just did a quick smooth through, but I love to section off for optimal straightness.

simple easy mom hairstyles

This is definitely worth it in terms of creating a desired straight and smooth look without having to spend much time OR be good at straightening your hair. I’m not kidding – if you can brush your hair, you can use this hair tool.

Buy it here. It’s on sale for $69 RIGHT NOW, down from $159!

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