Apple Parfait Recipe with a Secret Ingredient

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When it comes to the fall season and with winter rolling in, I’m all about anything and everything APPLE. I’ve become (slightly) obsessed with apple parfait recipes for our family. They’re easy to make and can be eaten with breakfast, lunch and even snack time, too.

Apple Parfait Recipe with a Secret Ingredient

Apple Parfait Recipe

When it comes to prepping and planning recipes for my family during this time of year, I like them to be easy. I’m actually going to insert NEED them to be easy. I don’t have time to be creating complicated recipes. I need quick and practical for our family.

With life being so crazy for everyone right now, we’ve been eating at home more and more. It’s one thing that I’ve really loved because it’s more one-on-one time with the kids. There’s something special about prepping or cooking or baking in the kitchen with the kids walking in and out.

I love being able to have quick conversations. I love being able to have them help out. I love being able to make something and have it turn out delicious. This has truly become a silver lining from everything over the last 9 months.

We usually kick off our day with Life Cereal and everyone fuels up with one of their favorite flavors – either Cinnamon, Chocolate or Original. It’s that easy go-to cereal that I know all my kids love with breakfast.

Apple Parfait Recipe

Recently, I decided to switch things up by making my own apple parfait WITH Life Cereal in it! I was searching through the Quaker Oats website last week and came across this delicious recipe that I absolutely couldn’t wait to make.

All my kids love apples. So that’s a win.
It’s super easy. So that’s a win.

And the best part? You use Life Cereal with it, too. Major win for us.

Apple Parfait Recipe

Each tasty square of Life Cereal is made with whole grain goodness, with at least 24 grams of whole grains per one cup serving, so you can feel good about what you’re eating, and please (oh, yes… I have some!) even the pickiest members of the family.

Cinnamon Life Apple Parfait is a win for families and when you see how easy it is, you will love it even more. The best part?

You only need (3) ingredients – (Life, yogurt, apple).

Ingredients for Easy Parfait Recipe:

(3/4) cup(s) Quaker Cinnamon Life Cereal, divided

(1) container (about 5.3 ounces) vanilla lower sugar non-fat yogurt

(1/2) cup(s) chopped apple, divided thin apple slices for garnish (optional)

I don’t know about you and your family, but we have all of these ingredients on hand at home all the time.

Here’s how easy this Cinnamon Life Apple Parfait is to make for your family.

Place 1/4 cup Life Cereal in parfait glass. We just use a glass bowl.

Apple Parfait Recipe

Top with half of yogurt.

Apple Parfait Recipe

Add 1/4 cup chopped apple.

Apple Parfait Recipe

Add another 1/4 cup cereal and then the remaining 1/4 cup chopped apple.

LIFE Cereal

Spread with remaining yogurt.

LIFE Cereal

Top with remaining 1/4 cup cereal.

LIFE Cereal

Garnish with apple slices, if desired.

I’m telling you, not only does it look delicious it tastes amazing! Such a great option to make when you’re short on time or just want something good.

LIFE Cereal

I feel good knowing that Life Cereal offers an excellent Source of 5B Vitamins and a good source of calcium, too for each one cup serving. It’s a great way to get my kids ready for the morning or ready for their afternoon with a nutritious, healthy and delicious option.

Obviously we added apples in this one to make this yummy Apple Parfait, but if you’re not an apple fan you could do the same with blueberries or strawberries or even raspberries. I promise, your kids will love this (as will you!).

Check out how LIFE Cereal make my morning routine easier, too!

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