How to Get Rid of Arm Hair Without Shaving

Are you wondering how to get rid of arm hair without shaving? If you have dark arm hair or thick arm hair it can be very embarrassing. Sharing on the blog the best way to remove arm hair. If you’re someone who has lived with dark or thick arm hair, you know how difficult it can (sometimes) be.

How to Get Rid of Arm Hair Without Shaving

How to get rid of arm hair without shaving

Nobody likes to discuss this subject, but it’s a beauty topic that needs to be talked about. If you’re How to Get Rid of Arm Hair Without Shaving, I’m here for you. When I was in 5th grade I remember looking at my arms and feeling so embarrassed by my dark hair. I felt like I had more arm hair than anyone else in my grade and it was tough on me.


My mother refused to let me shave it or do anything to it because I was so young, but as I got older I knew I had to do something. I had gotten to the point where I didn’t even want to wear anything without sleeves, so doing something about my arm hair was essential.

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Throughout the years (I’m now 42 years old) I’ve tried about everything you can do (except laser, this is something I will do soon, though). I shaved my arm hair in high school and it grew back quick and thicker. It was the biggest mistake ever. I just wanted hairless arms.

I wanted to share with you the different and safe ways on How to Get Rid of Arm Hair Without Shaving. These arm hair removal tips and tricks will help you out. Nobody should feel embarrassed about arm hair. I’m excited to share with you the various ways on how to remove arm hair without shaving (don’t do it!).

Waxing Your Arm Hair

If you’re wondering how to wax your arms, there’s a method to it. My advice would be to go to a professional and have them wax your arms for you. It’s more on the painful side, but it definitely works and keeps the hair off for about 10-15 days. The more you wax, the weaker the hair follicles get.

Waxing Supplies for Waxing at Home

This is one that will take a little bit of time, but this is a beauty method that will absolutely help you say goodbye to those hairs you can’t stand. Waxing arm hair is a good move to make if you want it gone and can stick with it a few times. Don’t do it once and then not again, keep at it.

Laser Hair Removal on Arms

This option will be the most expensive out of all the options I share with you today, but laser hair removal is always a good option. If you’re looking to get rid of hair forever – laser it off. This is the best way if you’re wondering how to get rid of arm hair without shaving.

Looking to laser hair off your arms? Here's how to get rid of hair hair.

I’m telling you again, this can be expensive. My advice to you? Look online for Groupons and make sure you’re always looking for a great deal. This is something that many people forget about when it comes to looking for a laser hair removal place. I will say this – I’ve heard this is a great option! This also helps it stay off longer and you’ll be happy you invested if your arm hair bothers you.

Epilating Arms

I’m not going to lie to you, epilating arms can be a little painful. I’ve tried it a handful of times and it’s not the most comfortable thing to do. The good this is that when it comes to figuring out how to get rid of arm hair without shaving, it’s a great option.

How to Get Rid of Arm Hair Without Shaving

Why epilating your arm hair is a good idea is because it takes the hair from the root. The growth back will be slow and the more you continue to epilate, the weaker the hair follicle will get. It’s a win, win for you if you’re trying to figure out how to remove arm hair without shaving at home.

Nair Arm Hair Removal

Have you ever used Nair on arms? If you’re looking to remove unwanted hair from arms, this scented product with warm, seductive notes of Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. It also works in as little as 3 minutes, which is incredible. If you have long arm hair, this is works best too because it’s an easy way to do it.

How to Get Rid of Arm Hair Without Shaving

When you put the Nair on arms it will work quickly. You’ll be able to feel the cream start working easily. Make sure you keep yourself on a timer. You don’t want to keep it on longer than it needs to be. Make sure you follow the directions completely.

Trim Arm Hair

If you’re someone who had long arm hair, trimming the hair might work well for you as an option. It’s easy to be able to take the hair and thin it out with hair scissors if you know what you’re doing. This is a very delicate step to take and I only suggest doing it if you know what you’re doing.

I would personally suggest using eyebrow trimming scissors. You don’t want to use regular scissors. Use scissors that are meant for trimming small amounts of hair.

How to Get Rid of Arm Hair Without Shaving

This is a great thing to do if you’re trying to discover how to make arm hair thinner. This is a good way to do it without doing anything drastic. If you’re not worried about the color of your arm hair, just the amount of it – this option could work well.

Bleach Your Arm Hair

Now I know this doesn’t get rid of arm hair, but it definitely helps if you’re trying to get rid of dark arm hair. This is what I personally started doing when I was in high school. I would use Jolen Bleaching Cream on my arms and my dark hair would be blonde in about 10 minutes. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to get your desired look on your arms.

how to bleach your arm hair

I trust this because it’s been around for years and years and really gets the job done. You can also use this on your lip, too. My advice on this one is to please read the directions. There’s a little mixing you need to do to make this one work, but it’s doable and very easy to do on yourself.

Hopefully, these ways on How to Get Rid of Arm Hair Without Shaving will help you out. Please remember – don’t shave! You will make it worse. These “beauty hacks” work well on making sure you’ll get the job done. If you’re wondering – they also work well on how to remove leg hair without shaving, too.

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