Some days…

I was asked by one of my close girlfriend’s the other day if I ever get tired…

This was yesterday, while Matthew was away overnight on business:

6 am: Foot in face. (William hopped into my bed at 3 am and horse-kicked my nose on way into bed)

8:30 am: About to leave to drop William off at pre-school. Searching for shoes that were left at Auntie Janie’s the day before. Slipped on a maple frosted donut that Alexander had dropped on the floor.

10 am: Trying to fix Henry’s swing. One of the batteries got stuck and it wouldn’t come out. This swing is Henry’s MECCA. He loves it.

11:30 am: Picking William up from pre-school. Can’t find my license. You need to have a license to pick him up.  Even moms and dads. Excellent rule. I love this rule. Finally found my license in my pocket.

1 pm: Nobody would nap. Not Alex. Not Ben. Not Henry.

3:30 pm: Cannot find William’s favorite shoes. Called Jane. They were at her house from the day before. Drove there to get them.

5 pm: Get a call from my husband that he won’t be home at 8 pm from NYC. More like 11 pm.

6:30 pm: Dinner. Ben decided to throw his whole bowl of lasagna on the floor. Imagine my happiness when I noticed half of it went into the diaper bag.

And just when I was at my wit’s end… my oldest son asks me why I still have a belly… am I having another baby?


Some days.

And then it’s time for bed. And I see these 4 beautiful little boys start to fall asleep. I kiss and hug each of them. And just when I’m about to leave William and Alexander’s bedroom, William asks me, “Do you know how much I love you, Mommy? I love you the whole wide world.”

Yes, some days. These days. I wouldn’t trade anything for them. Tired?  What’s that?

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  1. 9.17.08
    margaret said:

    You are an amazing mom – I have been reading your blog for a couple of months and am facinated with your love for life!

    I can only somewhat relate to your story with 2 kids of my own (18 months apart) – but appreciate your stories to tell me I am not alone.

    Thank you!

  2. 9.17.08
    Janie said:

    You truly are an amazing mom! I am in awe of all you do every day. Those precious little boys who love you so much are a testament to your mothering skills!! LOVE YOU!

  3. 9.17.08
    Miche said:

    hahah, you had me laughing, because just this morning I almost killed myself on a cinnamon roll my son decided not to eat! And you are right, the tiredness seems to go away around bedtime, then I am just blissful…and maybe just a little tired 🙂

  4. 9.18.08
    Erin said:

    You are definitely an amazing mom. I know what you mean about the tired going away. Sometimes I come home from work absolutely dragging, but Luke will do or say something that will make it all just fade away.

  5. 9.18.08
    C said:

    Wow! Audrey, you are AMAZING!!! 🙂 I will think of this post every time I feel the need to say how tired I am when our little one arrives this winter! Hubby tells me, “Oh, you won’t be tired. ‘Junior’ is going to sleep through the night and never cry!”. HA!

  6. 9.18.08
    C said:

    P.S. I forgot one thing…Audrey, reading all your posts about being a mom and about raising 4 boys under 4 just makes me so excited to be expecting our first baby in a few months. You really are an inspiration and you are really sooooooooo encouraging! I love how wonderful a mommy you are! Now…I hope I can be half that! 😉

    AND…Can’t wait for my Peanut Shell to arrive!!! I really have to stop buying everything that you guys review on the Mom Generations site! LOL!

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