A proud moment, Hot Blogger Calendar style (plus a contest!) *Updated with winner!*

Remember back in July, when I ran a contest on this blog to determine the Hottest Male Blogger? A title that ended up going to Peter Shankman of HelpAReporter.com (HARO)? (Does this post have a, “This one time? At band camp?” feel to it, or is it me?)

Anyway, during that time I was fortunate enough to meet up with the wonderful Sarah Morgan, who came up with a great idea to build upon the Hottest Male Blogger contest – a Hot Blogger Calendar.

Without ever even meeting, the two of us decided to join forces on the project, even though we knew things would have to move quick. After all, we’d have to come up with a site, get people to nominate and vote for bloggers… and then, you know, create a whole calendar. In 4 months.

But, we did it. With the help of Dawn, who designed the site. And all the people who nominated bloggers. And then voted for the winning bloggers. And the bloggers themselves, many of whom came to the calendar photo shoot in NYC. And the photographers at the photo shoot, Bill Wadman and Meg Wachter (who, by the way, has just released her new book, DUMPED!). And the make-up artist at the shoot, Jillian Villafane. And all the photographers who took photos for the bloggers who couldn’t make it to the shoot. And my parents, who, as always, did so much to help. My dad’s business, Barrington Printing, for helping with the printing. And my amazingly talented Uncle Rick, who designed the calendar. And… OK, this is starting to get as long as the Thank You credits in the calendar itself.

What I’m trying to say is, Sarah and I pulled it off. And, I must say, we (the collective “we”) did an amazing job.

I could not be prouder of the finished products – the Hot Blogger Calendars, one with the 12 Hottest Male Bloggers and one with the 12 Hottest Female Bloggers.

If you’d like to get one (or two, or more…!), you can order through www.HotBloggerCalendar.com. They’re just $12 – and a portion will be going to charity!

That’s hot.

**Congrats to the winner – Kathy P.!**

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  1. 11.25.08
    Adam said:

    Congrats on the calendar success. I’m still bummed that Sarah’s not more prominently featured, but there’s always next year…

  2. 11.25.08

    LOL, I wouldn’t mind one, what the heck. A male calender of course!
    VERY UNIQUE giveaway you have here!

  3. 11.25.08
    mumby said:

    I’d love to win a hot blogger calendar! who wouldn’t??!

  4. 11.25.08
    Sue said:

    Oooh, enter me please! I’d pick the male calendar and stare at Pete Cashmore all year long. LOL!

  5. 11.25.08
    toni said:

    I would love to win one!

  6. 11.26.08
    Nancy J said:

    I’d love the male calendar!!

  7. 11.27.08

    I would want to win a women’s calendar, because I read their blogs!
    I’m not really up on the latest man blogger trends. 🙂

  8. 11.28.08
    jan koontz said:

    just to cool

  9. 11.28.08
    ky2here said:

    Bring on the men? woo-hoo.

  10. 11.28.08
    Mary G said:

    A male one!

  11. 11.28.08
    Shannon Baas said:

    What an interesting idea.

  12. 11.28.08
    Michael Capp said:

    I’d love to win!

  13. 11.28.08
    rebecca snodgrass said:

    Male for me!!!

  14. 11.28.08
    Harold Peruss said:

    I love it! I have been following all of the calendar info!

  15. 11.28.08
    christopher h said:

    love to win one of these

  16. 11.28.08
    Jamie Pritchard said:

    One of these would be totally amazing! Can I be entered to win one? I’m definitely pulling for the male one.

  17. 11.28.08
    MRS.MOMMYY said:

    yeh for bloggers!

  18. 11.28.08
    Christian Brothers said:

    My Wife would love this!

  19. 11.29.08
    sarah said:

    I need my own calendar.

  20. 11.29.08
    Christina G. said:

    Please enter me, thanks!

  21. 11.29.08
    David Bertolo said:

    I would love the female calender

  22. 11.29.08
    david basile said:

    cool and different

  23. 11.29.08
    Cheryl W said:

    The male calendar, of course!

  24. 11.29.08
    Garnet L said:

    Lets try the female calendar

  25. 11.29.08
    beth shepherd said:

    I would love to win the male calendar. THank you!
    [email protected]

  26. 11.29.08


  27. 11.30.08
    sito said:

    What fun! And it’d be fun to win one of these. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. 11.30.08
    J Chaborek said:

    hahaha.. I’ll take the man one if I win. Hopefully I’ll get to be in next years – keep your eyes open! 😉

  29. 11.30.08
    Mama Zen said:

    Hot male bloggers? I’m in!

  30. 12.1.08
    Jennifer Short said:

    A hot male blogger calendar would be great!

  31. 12.1.08
    Elizabeth M. said:

    I’d want to win the female calendar since they’re mom bloggers, most of which I recognize. I don’t know much about male bloggers so it’d be more fun to support my fellow mommies.

  32. 12.1.08
    Clint Robertson said:

    One female calendar please ! 🙂

  33. 12.1.08
    Catharine M said:

    Would love to win the Hot Male Blogger
    calender, kindof as a dig to my husband
    you says “real men don’t blog, whatever
    the heck that is”…yeah, he said the same
    thing about quiche, till I served it to him
    and called it “breakfast pot pie”.

  34. 12.1.08
    Vicki Wurgler said:

    I’ll pick the male calender

  35. 12.1.08
    Christi said:

    I’d love to win the female version, just cause I’d love to see my blogging friends!!

  36. 12.1.08
    hazel hunt said:


  37. 12.1.08
    Amy aka HiloPRGal said:

    While I’m bummed none of my Hawaii nominees were selected, it would be cool to see the fruits of Sarah and your photographic/editorial labor. Perhaps the boys version? Congratulations on the finished product!!

  38. 12.1.08
    Jennifer hedden said:

    female version

  39. 12.1.08
    Katherine Frazier said:

    I would like either – thanks for the contest!

  40. 12.1.08
    Cindi said:

    Please add my name in the Male Calendar giveaway drawing! Many thanks…..Cindi

  41. 12.1.08
    Gary Osborn said:

    Female looks great!

  42. 12.2.08
    Veronica Garrett said:

    I would love to win a calendar.

  43. 12.2.08
    Dorothy said:

    I’d love to win the male blogger calendar, but would also accept the female one too.

  44. 12.2.08
    kathy pease said:

    id like the male 🙂

  45. 12.2.08
    John Deal said:

    I’d like to win the female version of the calendar. I probably wouldn’t lose track of the date so often.

  46. 12.2.08
    kathleen yohanna said:

    If I win, I would like to have the female calendar. It is a gift for my husband.

  47. 12.2.08
    theodore esteghamat said:

    I’d like to win the female version. thanks for the giveaway.

  48. 12.2.08
    Lily Kwan said:

    I would love to win the male version. Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

  49. 12.2.08
    Suanne Giddings said:

    Cute!!! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

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