Day #47 – Fashion Advice

Here are some easy tips for changing an outfit up a bit! Grab clothes that you have!

Here I am in a basic white turtleneck and jeans. I want to show you how tossing on a cardigan, a sweater coat, a swing jacket, a sweater coverall or a vest can change the whole look. You can’t get much more basic than a turtleneck and jeans… so look in your closets to see if you have any items that you could pair up to make your outfit go from plain to CHIC!

Here are some of my suggestions: (and SO WELL PRICED!):

Cashmere Cardigan

Belted Cardigan Sweater

About Audrey

Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 2.16.09

    Great tips, Audrey. I love sweaters, jackets, etc. that you can throw over a basic solid colored shirt. I do it all the time. My jackets and cardigans are staples. And they cover my “flaws”!

  2. 2.16.09

    That cashmere cardigan suggestion is purty! I’ll add that to my wanna be fashionable list!

  3. 2.16.09

    This is great, I can definitely apply it! Thank you.

  4. 2.16.09
    Adin said:

    You are amazing! I love it and that’s what I do too since my goodness having a new baby is an expense too and sometimes I don’t have the budget to buy new clothes for me. Thanks for the tips! I get to learn a lot of new fashion things from you.

  5. 2.16.09
    Audrey said:

    Oh wow, I love the pink sweater. The black vest is not my style but the pink sweater I love.

  6. 2.17.09
    ErikaRae said:

    Hi Audrey. Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying checking your blog every day for your fashion advice. I am loving it. It is helping me a lot – I had never heard of a sweater wrap (or whatever it’s actually called) until I saw it on your blog, and then I saw some at Target the other day! So thank you, and please keep it up. It is very helpful!

  7. 2.17.09
    Joy said:

    Thanks for the tip, I actually used this today! I put a pink zip-up sweater over a black square neck tee – both that I have had for quite some time, but would have never thought to wear together before. Thank you for the new outfit!

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