Got stains?

I learned this trick from a saleswoman at Ann Taylor years ago.

It all started when I tried on a black tank dress. As I was taking it off, I noticed a deodorant stain on the front of the dress. FROM ME! I was so embarrassed because the saleswoman was right there with me, and saw the whole thing happen.

As I was apologizing and about to purchase the dress just because of the stains… she smiled and said to me, “No worries! A wet wipe will get it right out.”

These were the days before I had kids… so wet wipes? I never had wet wipes with me. But she showed me how quickly and easily it was to get a stain out with a wet wipe. ON ANY FABRIC!

So MOMS, embrace the wet wipe beyond diaper duty!

PS – The saleswoman did tell me there are 2 things a wet wipe won’t wipe out – pen stains and (eww..) blood. Let’s count on those 2 things as infrequent stains!

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 3.3.09

    Oh Audrey I love this tip! It’s actually one I already know about! Wet wipes are wonderful and will take out Kool aid, chocolate and even coffee.

    Great tips! Thanks for reminding me I need to refill my wet wipes in my van (where most of my mishaps happen!)

  2. 3.3.09
    Rebecca said:

    Love this tip – I regularly need to get deodorant off! Great video to see the stain-removal in action too 🙂

  3. 3.3.09

    Great tip – I also learned recently that rubbing alcohol will take ink out…got it out of a shirt I had tried every other method under the sun on. I was amazed!

  4. 3.3.09

    To get out pen–hairspray!!!

  5. 3.3.09

    I love wet wipes! After having children I will never be without them again. They are awesome for quick clean-ups around the house too!

    Oh, and I do carry a Tide Pen. It has saved many outfits, the children the hubby and me too!

  6. 3.3.09
    Christina said:

    Great tip! I will definitely have to remember that one!

  7. 3.3.09

    Love this, I’m sure I’ve unknowingly tried it before, but now filing it away as a go-to emergency trick!

  8. 3.3.09

    Thanks to you and that informative lady at Ann Taylor, I’ve been doing this trick for years… and it comes in handy ALL THE TIME, especially now with 9 grandchildren!

    And, of course, I’m ALWAYS stocked with wet wipes!

  9. 3.3.09
    Miche said:

    THAT is awesome!

  10. 3.3.09
    Kim Tripp said:

    I love that! Hydrogen peroxide takes out blood. I learned that the first time I cut Joshua’s nails. He was wearing a white onesie. Oops.

  11. 3.3.09

    Even though we’re done with diapers, I will continue to buy wipes for all sorts of other uses, for stains and removing makeup.

  12. 3.3.09
    Giselle said:

    This is an amazing trick! I was just about to take my black dress to the dry cleaner…You just saved me $10!

  13. 3.3.09
    Donnetta said:

    I see that someone already mentioned this but I will second it, hydrogen peroxide will take out blood. Being a nurse this bit of knowledge has come in handy multiple times…

    Thanks for the wet wipes tip! I will be remembering that one!

  14. 3.4.09
    Tidymom said:

    I am SO loving this series!!! Thanks for all the great tips!!

    William is such a cutie! ♥


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