Kellogg’s – We Love YOU!

Kellogg’s sent us some new cereal boxes to look at and try out… I already am in love! I need to save as much room as I can in my pantry – not to mention, this is much better on the environment because smaller box equals bigger benefits. The new cereal box still holds the same amount of cereal, but uses less packaging material.

That’s GRRReeeaaattt!!!

We’ll be testing these out… and eating up all this cereal! We’re a HUGE cereal family!

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  1. 3.29.09
    C said:

    VERY COOL! Oh, and your boys are ADORABLE, Audrey!! XO

  2. 3.29.09
    Diana said:

    Just you wait until those boys are 6 ft tall and eat 4 bowls in one sitting. No closet ever holds enough of the cereal then.

  3. 3.29.09
    CPA Mom said:

    I love all things Kellogg. 🙂

  4. 3.29.09
    Dad said:

    Hey Audrey…send some of those cereal boxes down the street to my house. Grandma and I are BIG Kellogg cereal fans too!

  5. 3.29.09
    Amy said:

    Your boys are just adorable! It looks like you had a busy Saturday morning!

  6. 3.29.09
    Rebecca said:

    Your videos are always the best! I didn’t know that about Kelloggs and the new cereal boxes. That’s very cool indeed.

    Also, I love that your dad commented. How cute is that!

  7. 3.29.09

    Oh my – with my five kids, this would be better than CHRISTMAS! WE love Kellogs and polished off TWO boxes today. Yep, Christmas.

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