The Pearl.

I have been asked this over and over and over again…. and I think it’s such a fantastic question for us mothers trying to find some “key” and “staple” jewelry pieces.

“What is the most flattering and must-have piece of jewelry to own?”

For me, it’s all about the Pearl.

Classic. Elegant. Beautiful. And Pearls go with everything. There are not many pieces of jewelry you can say that about.

I started my love of Pearls when I was a child. This is going to make me tear up a bit… but my Nana, who passed this past August, started giving me one Pearl on every birthday, starting on my very first birthday. She told me that she wanted to give me enough Pearls to make a beautiful necklace for my wedding day. This was something that used to make me smile every May 23rd as I unwrapped that little black box from my Nana. And every year my mother would have me tuck them away, with the date written on the bottom of the box, so I knew when I was given each Pearl. Well, on my wedding… I wore the most spectacular Pearl necklace in the world… but what made it so spectacular was the story behind it.

(Can you see my necklace? I was trying to find all my photos this morning, but couldn’t import – so I hope you can get a look here!)

But even more… with Pearls, you have options. Simple earrings “highlight” any outfit. The classic Pearl necklace goes with anything — from a simple small strand, to a chunky necklace — Pearls are just that magnificent and easy-to-wear with anything.

And you know, when it comes to Pearls, I feel like anything goes. The beauty and elegance of the Pearl transcends. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings… they are simple additions to add to your wardrobe. Pearls can be worn to work, on dates nights, out to dinner, even to the playground. I love that about Pearls – you don’t have to be dressed for an event… they are simply that unbelievably versatile.

Wear your Pearls today!

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 4.16.09
    Chrissy said:

    That’s a beautiful story about your necklace. I had a friend who got a pearl every year for her birthday as well. I think it’s such a great idea! Especially the fact that you were keeping them all for a necklace for your wedding – it must have been so special to put it on that day.

  2. 4.16.09

    How wonderful that your nana gave you such a special gift, and you looked gorgeous on your wedding day. I, too, love pearls. I don’t own a set of genuine pearls, but I have fun wearing my fakes!

  3. 4.16.09
    Courtney said:

    I whole-heartedly agree that nothing is as classic or as elegant as a simple set of pearls! What an amazing gift your grandmother gave you in both the pearls and the story!
    I just found your blog and love, Love, LOVE it! Thanks so much!

  4. 4.16.09

    Audrey what a beautiful story! Wow, what a great memory, and such an amazing thing to look forward to your entire life! I am also a fan of the pearl – I wore an vintage Pearl necklace on my wedding day – but now I wear my simple strand of pearls with almost anything. I firmly believe that my pearl necklace even looks good with my jeans and a tank top.

    Pearls are classy. Always have been, always will be. Great choice, great tip!

  5. 4.16.09
    Kara-Noel said:

    I wore pearls at my wedding too. Love them!

  6. 4.16.09
    louann said:

    Pearls are elegant, really. But back here, we have an old wives tale — young girls who are not married should not wear pearls because they will always find themselves crying because they will be left heartbroken.

  7. 4.16.09

    I have a beautiful set of pearls from my grandma too — priceless!

    I have been wanting a black pearl necklace for sooo long. One day! 🙂

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