Fashion Question… Sheer tees – What to do!?

I love, love, love getting questions from readers. This one came through earlier this week, and I thought it was a GREAT fashion question.

Here goes…

I wear a lot of t-shirts, especially in the summer, and more and more they are sheer t-shirts, like this one:

… which I love, but which is super see-through. The way I’ve been handling this is to wear a tank/camisole underneath it in white, but is there some more fashion-forward solution I’m missing? Would you suggest a nude camisole, or just a nude bra?

I LOVE this question because I have the same fashion dilemma with a bunch of my cotton tees – short and long sleeve. I would suggest trying NUDE (as you mentioned) – but only under the darker colors where it wears better. I would also suggest – which is what I did this summer – looking for some dark brown, gray and pink camisoles. Especially when you’re wearing a white tee – you can see the color of the camisole underneath very clearly, so having a color like brown, gray or a pink gives it that subtle, but chic, look. Having white and black sometimes makes a sheer tee appear even more see-through, or like you left home without looking in a mirror!

I know what you mean about the bras… I would stay away from just doing a bra – simply because, as you said, these tees can be super see-through.

Try some other colors in the camisole department for a fashion statement. I promise, you’ll love the look.

Thanks SO MUCH for the question!

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  1. 8.13.09
    abdpbt said:

    Oh, thanks so much for answering this! Great idea on the alternative colors–I will look into some pink and brown ones today!

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