Are there short-sleeved Sweater Wraps?

Sweater wraps are my “thing.” I love them. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, sweater wraps are perfect for any woman. It doesn’t matter your height, your size, your shape… you can make a sweater wrap fit you and look good on you VERY easily.

Throughout the summer I have been getting emails from women asking me if I had any short-sleeve sweater wraps. Shockingly, NO. So… I was on a mission the past few weeks, and I finally found one! I got myself a navy blue, cotton DKNY short-sleeved sweater wrap. I love it. The beauty is that it’s so light, it’s so cozy and it’s SHORT-SLEEVED! And you can still make them look just as chic… check it out:

Short-Sleeve Sweater Wrap from Audrey McClelland on Vimeo.

My advice today — if you love sweater wraps, definitely invest in a short-sleeved one. The versatility factor with this item is just beyond incredible. Wear them to work, to playdates, to meetings, to luncheons, on dates, around the house, at the soccer game or as a cozy throw-on at night. You will just love the short-sleeved aspect, too – especially if you’re in some warmer climate areas.

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