I turn 57 today.  October 6th.

Well, my birth certificate lists my actual birth time at 10:38 am… but I’m taking the whole 24 hours, thank you very much, beginning right now at 12:00 midnight, October 6th.  As my Mom tells it… my Mom was staying with my Dad’s parents at their Michigan farm while my Dad, in the Navy, was out-to-sea.  My Mom began to feel some pretty hefty contractions, and she asked my grandfather to take her to the hospital.  He did.  He drove my Mom in his rickety pick-up truck and dropped her off at the door to the hospital.  It was snowing that October 5th evening as they drove through the night.  My Mom would labor all night and into the morning, all alone, and deliver me… a 8 lb. 3 oz. girl.  Me.  She named me Sharon Ann.  I am the second of her three children and her only daughter.

My Mom was a long way from her big extended family of her mom and siblings and cousins in Boston, Massachusetts… but my Mom loved my Grandma Martin, my Dad’s mother, and I was brought home to that big old farm in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  My Dad would meet me three weeks later when he came home on leave and I immediately and forever became “Daddy’s little girl.”  I like to think of that farm in Michigan as my first home, and my Mom has always obliged that wonderful feeling.

57 years ago today.  I thank my Mom for all the love and patience she had 57 years ago and every day since.

I’ve been thinking about 57 for a little while now.  It is a kind of random birthday, not like those big milestone ones of 13, 21, 30, 40, etc.  But I like the sound of 57. 


I’ve been thinking about 57.  All that’s happened.  And all that will happen.  The things I can control.  And the things I cannot control.  I like the sound of 57.

I’ve been thinking about that song by Five for Fighting100 Years.  I’ve been thinking that I’m going to be 57 for a moment.  A seeming moment in time.  And I want to capture as much in that “moment” of 57 as I possibly can.

So here’s my birthday plan.

I am going to accomplish 57 things during the next 52 weeks.  57 things that I’ve wanted to do, or put off doing, things that I think are just plain fun or fabulous and even things that I am terrified to do.  57 things that I will check off my Bucket List during the next 52 weeks.  Many of these things will include my husband and children, and especially my 9 grandchildren… and some will be just me with me.  I think 57 has brought wisdom enough to begin formulation of my list… and I am up to #25.  I am open to, and welcome, suggestions… suggestions that I, of course, may accept or decline!  I am willing to listen and to learn.

I will give you my list… 57 in 52.

I will.

But today, on my 57th birthday,  I will be checking off #1.  This one terrifies me.  Terrifies me.  But I will do it.  I promise.   Because I’m 57 For A Moment.

I will be back later today with photos and video.


I’m loving 57 already!

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