A church bell…

Today, as I was organizing and straightening and cleaning for my Thanksgiving company, I was thinking of my mother-in-law, Flo. Flo LOVED the holidays. She LOVED to entertain. She LOVED to cook and bake and plan a special treat for each person… my Thanksgiving treat was always homemade mince pie. Flo always remembered if someone enjoyed a special menu item.

At one point today, I stopped all the organizing and straightening and cleaning… because I was drawn to the special drawer where I keep so many of Flo’s things. I opened the drawer of the wicker bureau that she so loved and immediately saw a little white steeple that encased a little silver bell. It was sitting on top of all the little purses and pieces of costume jewelry that I’ve kept in Flo’s special drawer, just where she left everything. I remembered that steeple from all the years that Flo decorated for the holidays. It sat on top of a little white church that she brought out year after year after year.

But as many times as I’ve been in that drawer, I never remember seeing that little white steeple.

My heart soared as I picked it up and heard the tinkling of the little silver bell. You know what they say when you hear a bell ringing… an angel is getting her wings. And I smiled. I took that little white steeple with the little silver bell and placed it in a special wreath that hangs on my kitchen window. Now each time I enter my kitchen, or make a cup of coffee, or rinse a dish… or cook a special Thanksgiving dinner for Flo’s family… I will think of Flo and all the goodness and love she brought to each of us, every single day.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mom! I love you more than I could ever express…

… (and maybe you can tell me where to find the little white church that belongs to the little white steeple!!)

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  1. 11.24.09
    Bernadette said:

    This precious find really touched my heart!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. 11.24.09
    Connie said:

    Flo is the angel who has earned her wings, and you are the angel who keeps Flo alive.

  3. 11.24.09
    Erin said:

    Beautiful. There are so many things I find special about you, and one is how you manage to find the little ways, the little things, to keep people alive in your heart and memories.

  4. 11.24.09

    Once again, you touch my heart. Just in case Flo didn’t have her wings before, she certainly does now. Your love for her is something so special. I hope my sons-in-law feel that way about me one day. Have a very special and happy thanksgiving with your wonderful family. Love you, my sweet friend!!

  5. 11.26.09

    A Beautiful Thanksgiving story and I can hear that bell right now.

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