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Scrapbooking was something I started doing because my mother is an amazing scrapbook-er. All my life she would put together these amazing scrapbooks filled with photos and quotations and clippings. They’re beyond special. There are photos of my first day of school… clippings from newspaper articles I was in as a child… ribbons I won… even ticket stubs from my first prom! She captured all the moments in my life through scrapbooking, and I love that I can share these with my husband and (someday!) my sons.

The first scrapbook I made was for my sister – I gave it to her the day she left for college. I was hooked. I had so much fun pouring through photographs and bringing memories to life through the pages of her scrapbook.

I’ve made scrapbooks for my husband, for my best friends and for my 2 oldest sons. The one for my sons are the most special. They chronicle my pregnancies with each of them… everything from the pregnancy test box (oh… I’m sure they’ll love that) to the cards we received with congrats to first sonogram photos to the taxi receipt from driving to the hospital to have them! I wanted it all there, all remembered, all for them.

Then… motherhood took over. And I had 2 more baby boys. That’s right – 4 boys, all within 5 years. My scrapbooking days were over… I just didn’t have the time. I was lucky if I remembered to feed myself, never mind create a beautiful scrapbook. It pains me… truly pains me that I never chronicled Benjamin or Henry’s pregnancies through a scrapbook. I just didn’t have the time. I needed something more quick and easy.

And then a friend told me about Creative Memories. And – honestly – everything changed. I’m so sick and tired of having hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photos stored in my computer – I want them out and displayed. My oldest son is now 5 years old, I have 5 years of photos of him… and 4 years of another son… and 2 1/2 years of another… and 17 months of my youngest. These photos need and deserve to on display – not only for them, but for me and my husband.

Creative Memories has these PicFolio Quick Kits. I love the Kits! They make everything easy, doable and quick. I don’t need to be out shopping for tons of stuff – it’s all right there. Of course – the one that caught my attention was the Quick Kit – 12 x 12 Baby Boy. It comes with 32 Story Sleeve Pages, 32 Layered Pages, Stickers, 3 Pages of Foam Tabs and an Idea Book. This allows me to sit with my sons and create a beautiful, forever lasting scrapbook. I love it!

Not to mention… some of the PicFolio albums are expandable, so if I want to add more pages, I have the ability to do that. Options are good! Most of all… Creative Memories has made it easy for me. They have given me the goods to create and I just have to add my personal touches. I can write notes… I can add special things… I can bring a piece of myself to it. It’s incredible. Time is very important right now… I love that I can do this on my “own” terms and still… something amazing is born at the end, that will be forever special.

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  1. 12.2.09

    I love Creative Memories! I’ve made several family albums, a Christmas album and baby albums for each of our kids. Having the photos in the computer is definitely not as wonderful as having them in a scrapbook. My kids LOVE looking through their books and sharing them with their friends (they are older now but love to look back on all the memories!)

  2. 12.2.09
    Linda said:

    I have tons of CM products and am always impressed by their quality! It’s a brand you can count on!

  3. 12.2.09
    Maggiesmom said:

    Fabulous! Checking them out!

  4. 12.2.09
    Heather McGuinness said:

    I need to try this!

  5. 12.2.09

    Cool! I put all my favorites on my screensaver so that I get to see them. This is much more organized. 🙂

  6. 12.2.09
    sarah said:

    I love that CM has a storybook program for digital scrapping – because the paper way never worked for me (My girls kept stealing my stickers!).

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