Barry "The Radiator" Couto

So OK.  I waz by myself at home alotta the time ovah the pazt few dayz… and nightz.  So OK.  I don’t now howta change channelz on my t.v.  Thatz Barry’s job.  So OK.  On one such night I foun’ myself watchin’ Jersey Shore cuz I cou-n’t change the channel and I got ta meet my new bess frendz.  Ya know, like Pauly D (who is from Rhode Island, by the way) an’ Snooki an’ Ronnie an’ J-WOWWW an’ “Sweetheart”… an a’course “The Situation.”

But I gotta say they have nothin’ on Barry “The Radiator” Couto.

I was wonderin’ why I waz so cold durin’ the time Barry was in the hozpital.  I sayz to myself, “Hey, turn up the heat, Shavon.”  So I did.  Then I sayz to myself, “Hey Shavon, get a bettah attitude about bein’ cold.”  But I cou-n’t cuz the cold was seepin’ into my head ’til my hair hurt.  I tried givin’ myself a sick poof like Snookie to keep warmah, but that di-n’t work neithah.  I tried a six-pack like “The Situation” but then realized he was talkin’ about his abs, not beer.  Then last night Barry comes home an’ the channel situation was remedied cuz he knows howta change to Jeopardy and othah shows he tapes… but even bettah was when I realized that I waz so cold ‘cuz Barry was-n’t home to keep me warm all those nightz.

Want hot?  Barry “The Radiator.”

Want pumped?  Barry “The Radiator.”

Want juiced up?  Barry “The Radiator.”

Wanna sick blow-out?  Barry “The Radiator.”

Want bronzah?  Well, you may have to set-tle for white or silvah streaks in his hair… but that’s OK. Barry “The Radiator” Couto.

Want eazy maintenance?  I think I can extend my warranty wit’ an ounce of prevention here an’ there with Barry “The Radiator” Couto and he does-n’t even need spikn’ freeze spray to keep him lookin’ good.

Yep.  Barry “The Radiator” Couto keepz it hot from the moment he wakez up til’ the moment he wakez up again.  He’s the sizzle in The Situation.  The warmth in WOWWW.  The sweat in Sweetheart.

It’s kinda simple. Barry “The Radiator” putz the heato in guido.  He’s all the steam any shore needs.

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 1.18.10

    I love this post. I love how you love Barry. I hope Barry reads this because he will love it too. You’re the best!!

  2. 1.18.10
    Poppy said:


    Go JOISY or go HOME!

  3. 1.19.10
    Heather said:

    Oh Sharon, I am laughing so hard at this!! You crack me up!

  4. 1.19.10

    you need to have your own stand up gig at a comedy club. Nancy and I would be front row & center. This was so funny! Barry makes you sizzle……I will never look at a radiator in the same way.

  5. 1.19.10
    Barry said:

    da radiada

  6. 1.19.10
    Pam Maat said:

    Vary cuute!! Love the sense of humor!

  7. 1.21.10
    C said:

    Tee hee! Cute!!! Love this post, Sharon! xo

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