Read the TAGS.

Read the tag before popping anything into the washing machine or/and dryer!

Ahhh… simple advice I have been hearing since as long as I can remember.

(Take a moment please… my beautiful sweater, taken in Oct., 2008.)
Picture 7

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  1. 1.20.10
    Karen said:

    Have you tried resizing it with baby shampoo? I did this once and it worked like a CHARM!

  2. 1.20.10

    Oh that is just painful.

    I have had the dry cleaners stretch out sweaters that have shrunk, but never anything that shrunk THAT small! LOL

  3. 1.20.10
    Stephanie said:

    So sad…especially because that is such a beautiful sweater! Blue looks great on you, by the way.

  4. 1.21.10
    paula said:

    happened to me in florida 4o years ago when my roomie borrowed and washed a creap dress… size of a babydolls dress… didn’t care for my roomie that day.

  5. 1.21.10

    Whoa. I’ve never seen such shrinkage. Thank you for the lesson. May your beautiful blue sweater rest in peace.

  6. 1.21.10
    C said:

    Ohhh! Sorry about your sweater! 🙁

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