I have a Subconjunctival Hemorrhage.

This means that a blood vessel in my eye burst, and my eye looks rather like a horror movie set. I’m serious. I am on my 12th day of this scene… through Easter Sunday, opening day at Fenway Park and our little vacation to Florida. Florida was the easiest part because I could basically where sunglasses everywhere I went.

But people stare. They can’t help it. For the strong of heart, I will tell you that my eye looks like a pool of blood. I did see our family physician before heading to Florida… you know, just in case in shouldn’t be flying or something. He is the one who diagnosed this infirmity, checked my blood pressure, asked me a zillion questions, instructed me to have a bunch of blood tests (I did), and schedule an eye exam (I will). It seems there is some pressure building up there behind my eye. Then he gave me the best news of all… it will take 4 – 6 weeks to heal. WHAT?! And he added with a smile, “Have you frightened your grandchildren?”

I smiled back, albeit weakly.

And I’ve gone about my life and my travels from this side of my Subconjunctival Hemorrhage. People don’t ask about it. They just stare, look inquisitive or turn away.

Until yesterday. Barry and I were Mystery Readers at Taylor and Andrew’s school. Celebrating National Reading Week, their teachers had asked parents, grandparents and guests to sign up for specific dates and times to read Mystery Books to the kids. Yesterday morning was our mystery date. Our first reading was with Andrew’s 1st grade class. When Barry and I walked into his classroom, Andrew was thrilled. There were hugs and high-fives and Andrew saying, “Mommy told me to look for a mystery today!” He was allowed to sit next to us at a little table while another mystery reader read his book. When we had settled and Andrew turned to look at me… really look at me… he burst out with, “Grandma, what happened to your eye?!?!”


I guess I could have whispered, “Subconjunctival Hemorrhage.”

But I didn’t.

Instead, I said, “I walked into a sharp stick.”

“OOOOOO,” Andrew whispered back as he stared directly into my eye with the wonderful curiosity of a 7-year old boy.

And that was that.

So YOU CHOOSE. Which version of the story sounds the most awesome cool to you?!?!

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  1. 4.15.10
    Jane said:

    I just feel so bad because it looks so PAINFUL!! 🙁 But I think “my eye exploded!” would’ve been a cool answer for a 7-year-old’s imagination. 🙂

  2. 4.15.10
    margaret said:

    I’m with Jane “My eye exploded” would be a cool explanation, but then again, he may worry his eye will explode.

    I had my thyroid removed after Meenie was born and for awhile, we just told the girls (who were pretty young) that I had a bubble in my neck that had to be removed. Of course they wanted to know how it got there and if they had one etc. I still have a pretty big scar, but it doesn’t bother me. Funny thing with it though, we went to RWZ shortly after I had it and my neck was still all bandaged up. Not even thinking about what others would think. There was a field trip there with kids around 3-5th grade. I could hear them whispering and wondering what happened. One kid was very confident that I had been knifed (as he put it). I had to smile, but also thought of how that would even be a consideration for such a young kid.

    Anyway, back on topic, I would go with saying the closest thing to the real explanation as possible.

  3. 4.15.10
    Erin said:

    One of my friends had that happen after pushing so hard while giving birth, but I vote that walking into a sharp stick sounds pretty cool.

  4. 4.19.10
    Lucy said:

    Hi Sharon, Brian stopped by this morning to get some breakfast before heading off to work. He told me that he’s gotten a couple of messages from you regarding not seeing me on facebook. Funny thing is that I can’t see you either. Even when I search other’s who I know that also have you as a friend, like Brian, I can’t see you. As if I’m blocked for some reason.
    The only person I can see on facebook is Barry and although he’s a great guy, I’d much rather chat with you online, no offense to Barry.

    Brian suggested I give you my email address, but I thought I had already done that. I do miss reading about your inspiring adventures, so I thought that I’d try to get in touch with you again. Thank God for your website.
    Here’s my email [email protected]
    Now that I’m working again, I only check in the mornings as I’m off to work by 1. FYI – I’m working for Starwood Hotels & Resorts and they offer friend and family discounts. Feel free to contact me if you plan to stay at any of their hotels (they have 8 brands) and I’ll request that you get my discount.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


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