Things My Sons Say…

As every mom knows, there are just some things your kids say that well… only your kids can get away with saying to you. I don’t know what has been in the air the past couple of days, but I’ve gotten some good ones.

My husband was belly laughing last night as I was recapping a few of my favorite…

As said by William…
“It’s not like you stink mom, your breath just smells.”
(Thanks William darling…)

As said by Alexander…
“Mom, will my leg hair ever be as long as yours?”
(Shaving every 3-4 days in the summer is a luxury for mommy, Alex…)

As said by William…
“Oh, Mommy – you look like you’re having another baby!”
(Hmmm… I guess the sit-ups aren’t helping?)

As said by Alex…
“Mommy – that dress looks like a skirt on you!”
(The dagger to my heart when they touch the fashion) 😉

As said by Benjamin when I washed his “blankie”…
“I don’t like you anymore MOM!”
(Well… I couldn’t allow the syrup to stay on your blankie, Ben!)

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