Costumes + Kids = FUN

Costumes. There’s just something about that OUTER layer… that light touch of fabric or a hat or a little mask or prop.  Something kind of mystical about dressing up and letting loose.  Like stepping into another time or place.  Jumping into the pages of a book.  Leaping from the movie screen.  Or hopping out from a video game.

When William and Alex asked for a costume party to celebrate their very-close-together 6th and 5th birthdays, Audrey and Matt were more than happy to oblige.  From the moment the birthday party began, to the moment it ended… the FUN was palpable!

Spacemen. Cowboys. Pirates. Princesses. A Phantom, a Bumble Bee, a Pumpkin, a Witch.

And even a Roaring 20’s Dancer danced her way to the party… my 9-year old granddaughter Maddie… who in real life is now as tall as my Mom!  Now,  if only next year, I can talk Grandma Rita into wearing the same costume.  Hmmmmmm… !

(And one more thing… I already have the photo of Buzz Lightyear Benjamin and Gorgeous Witch Lauren saved for when they go to the Senior Prom together in about… oh, 15 years.  Do I sound just like a grandmother?!)

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  1. 10.13.10
    Jane said:

    The party was so much fun! I loved watching the kids run around in their costumes and I remember loving Halloween as a kid. I also love the picture of Grandma and Maddie – too funny!!

  2. 10.13.10
    Rhonda said:

    What a GREAT IDEA for a double Birthday party. I think we should dress up more than just during Halloween. I am loving your mom with your grand-daughter. At first I thought Maddie was YOU! Your four grandson’s are as cute as can be…AND that little witch with Buzz Lightyear is just too cute for words.

  3. 10.16.10
    Nancy said:

    We love the idea here too. So much so that Sarah is having a costume party for Lizzy’s birthday. Her birthdya is the 28th. Sarah decided last month that she couldn’t not do costumes. Lizzy, Natalie and Jack are going to be Elmo, Fozzy Bear and Kermit. I can’t wait to see them.

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