He Didn’t Win the Halloween Costume Contest…

Monday afternoon while at swim practice, William’s coach had mentioned that there would be a Halloween Costume Contest on Thursday afternoon, along with a pizza party. Considering William loves 1) Halloween Costumes 2) ANY Contest 3) Pizza – he was super excited.

William’s mind starting racing a mile a minute… “What to be? What to be?” The only hang up on the Halloween costume was that it had to be made out of trash bags. Always love a good challenge!

So… William and Matt spent the next two days looking for costume ideas online, I even tossed the question out on Twitter. Matt decided to try and make a Luke Skywalker out of trash bags, one of William’s favorite! He succeeded!

Let it be known that the outfit, the gun, the belt (and there is a lightsaber) is all made out of trash bags. My husband spent about 2 hours making the costume with William.

Well, tonight was the contest and (unfortunately) he didn’t win.

But… it wasn’t him losing that made my heart beat out of my chest. It was afterward practice, at dinner. We started talking about the other costumes that the kids had. He told me that he wasn’t upset he lost, he just felt “so bad for Daddy because he worked so hard on it. I wanted to win for him.”

What a kid.

To which Matt responded, “There’s always next year, buddy!”

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  1. 11.1.10

    Great job making the costume. We’ve taken the easy route with the kids and seriously need to go old school and make a costume soon!

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