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My boys have been counting down since this summer. Quite literally, since this summer. My two oldest sons have birthdays in September, and we always do a Halloween-themed birthday party… so needless to say, we’ve been in Halloween mode for the last 6 weeks!

As of right now we have decided on the following costumes:

William is a Storm Trooper. Alex is Woody. Ben is BIG Buzz and Henry is Little Buzz.

Tonight we carved 5 more pumpkins for Halloween. We love to light up our front stoop on Halloween night so the trick or treaters can see where they are going. Having the pumpkins light everything up always looks so festive!

Being one of Rayovac’s Mom Ambassador’s this year, I wanted to be able to share a fun and safe tip this Halloween season! Usually we light our Jack-O-Lanterns with candles. But with little kids, it makes me very, very nervous. I’m constantly on guard for the couple hours we light the pumpkins up. So this year, rather than burning a candle, I’m going to light them up with Rayovac Flashlights. It’s the safest illumination for me and my family.

We did a little test drive tonight on what the pumpkins look like all lit up with the Rayovac Flashlights…

They were all lit with this Rayovac LED Gelly Grip Flashlight

They look AWESOME, right!? The best part, they’re SAFE for my kids to enjoy, too! Rayovac really has the powerful and reliable light you need, and as a mom… I love it!

Find more information about Rayovac Flashlights.

Disclosure: I’m working as a Rayovac Mom Ambassador.

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