Lost in a Corn Maze

With the boys being older now, it’s easier to get out and do some actual family activities. This is all new territory for us… we’re used to having a stroller or backpack on for at least one of the boys. This Fall, it’s very different to be heading out and doing things without any baby gear (and diaper bag!).

We headed to a local farm yesterday to pick out some pumpkins… while we were there, we decided to take the boys on a hayride and go through the corn maze. We thought… great family fun, right? Well… it was… but in the meantime, we ended up getting lost in the corn maze for 45 minutes! I’m not kidding… 45 minutes. We were the first ones to go through, so there wasn’t ANYONE else in there with us, just 2 teenagers “manning” the entrance (who apparently didn’t hear us calling out for some HELP!). It was so funny… my husband and I were laughing to the point of tears, as we turned every corner and were faced with a dead-end.


This was us about 30 minutes into being lost…

Henry had had enough...

And then 15 minutes later… we came across LIGHT at the end of the tunnel and safely got out. As crazy as this sounds… it was the BEST family time we’ve had together in a LONG time. It was incredible! And the boys will NEVER forget it!

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  1. 10.5.10
    Kim said:

    Oh my, I could absolute relate to what you experienced because I got lost in a corn maze once too! But, it was just me and a friend so it probably was more frightening because we didn’t have any little ones with us to pretend that it was an adventure. But obviously it was for you and that’s great – no doubt your boys will remember that for a very long time!

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