Petit Bateau in action.

I’ve never made the claim that my house is calm. Rather… it’s pretty busy and chaotic with 4 boys. There’s always noise. Always. Noise. It’s what makes my house “normal” to me. A quiet house would be rather strange! 🙂

My guys had their Petit Bateau stripes on today… we had a family friend visit and I wanted to dress them all alike. They looked to handsome and cute. It wasn’t until she left and I was in the midst of cleaning up did the “realness” begin.  I couldn’t get over how adorable life was in action with Petit Bateau on! 🙂

I just loved the elegance of the shirts… with the craziness of boys… it just made sense! The perfect mix.

Petit Bateau sent me clothing to review with my boys. However, anytime I work with a company, I always give my honest, unbiased opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences with those products.

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  1. 10.1.10
    ErikaRae said:

    That was too cute and funny. And your one son was grinding pepper, so great!

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