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Recently I had a friend over and she was shocked to see “real life” magazines in my house! LOL… I think she expected every single thing I do to be done digitally.

Ahh… not always the case. There’s something about seeing those fashion pictures in a magazine that just can’t be replicated online (not yet for me!).

When it comes to reading magazines… or, in particular, FASHION magazines, there are 2 of them I devour.

LUCKY Magazine

Lucky Magazine

I love Lucky because it’s essentially a shopping magazine. I can flip through the pages and get ideas as to what is hot and what is not in particular stores. It’s also on the younger side, so it’s easy to see what’s stylish and then transform that over to a 30-something (ahem) woman! I also love how easy the editors make fashion appear… this is a HUGE bonus of Lucky! Plus they share lots of good deals and steals.

Glamour Magazine

I love love love Glamour because it really speaks to a 30-something woman. The fashions aren’t just meant for baby dolls, they’re actually meant for women with bodies. I also love the real life fashion stories that are in Glamour. And… one of my favorite features, they do an incredible job at finding styles and items at different price points.

These are my 2 recommendations if you’re looking for some fashion magazines you can sink your teeth into…

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