Day 41: 365 Days of Literacy for Kids – Fun, Easy & Completely Do-able

Some words just sound awesome.  Today’s 2 Adjectives are words, I think, that sound awesome.  Call me jubilant for words… but I just can’t help myself.  I’m shouting great joy for jubilant and its friend, jocular.

Hold me back, folks!

1.  jocular –  a) humorous, merry, comical, funny;  b) of persons and their dispositions; speaking or acting in merriment. What to love about this word? Everything!  jocular is easiest to remember if you know it derives from the word jocus, meaning joke.  Explain to your children that a jocular (as a noun) was once known as a professional jester or minstrel, one who made people laugh.  Ask your children if they know anyone who has a natural ability to make people laugh, have fun, be merry.  Ask if they know any celebrities who are funny and make people laugh.  Do your children wish to be described as jocular.  Is there a time and a place to be a jocular person?  Do your kids describe YOU as jocular?  Get your kids thinking about the word jocular.  Use jocular the next time you’re watching a funny movie or reading about a humorous character in a book.  BECOME jocular!  Example:  The jocular student was a great contrast to the serious student in the class.   jocular.  Use it.  Be it!

2.  jubilant –  feeling or expressing great joy or happiness; exceedingly happy. What to love about this word? Everything!  jubilant derives from the word jubil, meaning to shout for joy. Ask your children if they have ever felt jubilant.  What made them feel jubilant?  Discuss the word jubilant in terms of ceremonies and celebrations… birthdays, weddings, religious celebrations, parades, anniversaries, sporting events.  Do you have family photographs that show jubilant celebration?  Are your children familiar with the word jubilee, an occasion (generally the 50th anniversary) of joyous celebration or rejoicing.  People can be jubilant.  Songs can be jubilant.   Nations can be jubilant Example:  The jubilant nation celebrated its 206th year of independence. jubilant. Use it.  Find it! Encourage your children to use jubilant and to be jubilant.

jocular.  jubilant. Why not be jubilantly jocular?!  Encourage your children to use these expressive words in their speaking and writing.  The more you use interesting words, the more your children will experiment with language.  Even if kids don’t grasp the meanings of some words immediately, the words have registered.  Believe me.  Remember that LITERACY is all about WORDS – Written, Spoken, Felt.

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