Must-watch for my sons: Power Rangers

Since Monday night my four boys have been talking nonstop about the new Power Rangers Samurai. Each has already picked his favorite new ranger and not surprising I’ve been dubbed the Pink Ranger!

The episode centered around the Green Ranger Mike’s trouble fitting into the new group of Power Rangers. He’s a free spirit who likes to hang out with his friends playing video games which runs counter to the teachings of the Samurai.

He tries to defeat Nylok, a monster with huge extending fists on his own. He trains and focuses on anticipating Nylok’s moves but is only able to defeat him with the help of the other Samurai Rangers. Mike learned the importance of teamwork.

As a mother, what I love most is the values that the Power Rangers stand for and demonstrate: Standing for what’s right, Teamwork and Cooperation, Confidence, Health and Fitness and Caring and Friendship. These are values I try to instill in my sons and am happy to see them enjoying programming that reinforces these values.

On top of the show, there is another tool called the Power Rangers emPOWER Movement which gives us the tools to work to create healthy kids and communities through participation in online and local communities using these values.

You can also check out the Power Rangers emPOWER Facebook Page for more great tips and to nominate your child for the “Ranger of the Week” Each week the emPOWER website will feature a child who is making a difference in their family or community, to inspire other to make a difference in their communities.

My boys can’t wait until the next episode of Power Rangers Samurai Sunday at noon on Nick, and I can’t wait to see what lessons the next show will teach. In the meantime, the Pink Ranger is signing out, we have some monsters to chase around the house.

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  1. 2.10.11

    So glad you and your boys enjoyed the show! And I’m sure you are rockin’ it as the Pink Ranger!

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