Day 47: 365 Days of Literacy for Kids – Fun, Easy & Completely Do-able

I may be run out of town for suggesting what I’m about to suggest, but as a retired English/Reading teacher, Mom of 4 and Grandma to 9, sometimes kids like words just because they sound awesome… even words that they may never, ever use… and this is OK!

Did I just write that?

It’s true.  So today, I’m suggesting 2 Adjectives to share with your children that they may never, ever use in their studies,  but that will stay with them forever just because they sound interesting.  In fact, tell your children that they may never, ever use these words in their speaking and writing, only to guarantee that these 2 Adjectives will live at the tops of their descriptive words lists:

1.  piebald – a) of 2 different colors, especially white and black (or another dark color), arranged in irregular patches;  b) composed of dissimilar or incongruous parts/elements. What to love about this word? The word itself!  Think of the magpie when thinking piebald, but explain to your children that animals such as dogs, cats, wolves, and especially horses can be described as piebald piebald is a word/adjective that’s different enough to stay with a child.  Look for piebald in your surroundings, especially in colors of animals.  Your children may be surprised at just how much piebald is around them.  Find piebald.  Use piebald. You may not have to encourage your kids to use piebald… as they may love the word enough on their own.   (Although less commonly used, piebald can also describe such things as styles of musical compositions, fashion and even the character of a person… but most always in an unfavorable way.  Example:  The composer’s piebald style of composition created an unpleasant sound.)

2.  pluvial –  of or related to rain; characterized by much rain. What to love about this word? pluvial derives from the Latin pluvia, meaning rain (this is a cool little tidbit).  Explain to your children that pluvial is not a commonly used word, but it’s certainly interesting to know.  Find ways to use pluvial.  The next time it rains, say something like, “I think a raincoat is in order for the pluvial elements today.” Your children will impress themselves with their knowledge of the word pluvial, even if a raincoat is totally unimpressive. pluvial. Use it just for fun!

piebald.  pluvial. Words that sound cool, awesome and interesting.  piebald and pluvial may rank up there with your children’s favorite adjectives when all 56 Adjectives have been revealed.  We’ll see.  It’s fun to reveal new and different words to kids.  It’s fun to introduce words that just sound fun.  It’s fun and surprising for your children to know words to sneak into a conversation or writing assignment!  Remember that LITERACY is all about WORDS – Written, Spoken, Felt.

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