Evolving in the kitchen with ReadySetEat

I think I can safely say that I am well on my way in my transformation from non-cook to cook.

It’s pretty cool (and, I might add, a big change) to enjoy being in the kitchen… to actually get exited about putting something I created on the table for Brian to eat.

(Yes, I eat it, too, but I find myself really looking forward to Brian’s first-bite reaction, so I let him try it first.)

(Don’t look at me like I’m weird.)

Being a recipe reviewer for ReadySetEat.com has changed me. I’m serious.

It has changed the way I approach food shopping. Who knew that meal planning made everything easier? Everyone? Well, I guess I missed that memo.

In any case, meal planning rocks and ReadySetEat makes it really simple. Most of the site’s recipes have less than seven ingredients, and they’re the kinds of things that are easy to find in the market. So I can go shopping for many different meals without coming home with a gazillion bags of food. I like that.

Being a recipe reviewer has also changed how I eat. As embarrassing as it is for me to admit, there was a time that “making dinner” meant ordering in, eating out or popping something in the microwave. (This applies to my life as an adult; I want to make it clear that growing up, my parents made home-cooked meals nearly every night. But I was usually at swimming, cross country, field hockey, etc. practice during the meal prep, and so while I enjoyed the meals, I never really learned how to cook them.)

Now, I am actually preparing dinner. I’m using real ingredients and creating meals for myself and Brian. I love hearing him say, “That smells delicious!” when he walks into the kitchen.

And I’m also finding that I love using a skillet. It’s very satisfying to throw ingredients in and watch them come together to make a meal.

My favorite ReadySetEat dishes to make (and eat) so far?

Italian Chicken Packets – Super healthy and simple as can be, to boot. My friend and fellow recipe reviewer, Jenny, used a plastic bag instead of a bowl to mix the ingredients. Meaning? Even less clean-up. She’s smart.

Mediterranean Scampi – Sooo yummy – and a bit spicy! This is an example of a skillet meal I really loved making! I served it over rice and it was seriously like a gourmet meal.

Asian-Inspired Mini Burgers – Come on, how could mini burgers not be fun? And they’re just sooo gooooood.

Buffalo Chicken Chili – So easy, so delicious. A wonderful winter meal. I’ve made this a few times and we just love it.

Image from ReadySetEat.com

I find myself “talking shop” with other cooks now, and I like feeling that I have a place in these conversations. I’ve told so many people about ReadySetEat.com, not because I have to, but because I can really say that it’s a wonderful tool for getting quick, delicious meals on the table.

And I’m telling you because I don’t want you to miss the memo!

Disclosure: I am being compensated by ReadySetEat.com for my time; however, all opinions are mine!

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  1. 2.17.11
    admin said:

    Janie… I have seen the wonder in your eyes and your voice as these recipes come to being! I will add here that you LOVED hanging around in the kitchen as a child, helping Dad and me chop, mix, blend, stir… but you are correct about always being involved in SOMETHING after school as you got older. My goal was to have a nice, hot delicious meal on the table as you, your sister and brothers burst through the door, famished. I see you when we have our BIG family celebrations… LOVING the involvement and the cooking thing… but yes, this is the first time I’ve seen the delight in actually COOKING! Your Nana was a skillet cooker, as you know, and I’m seeing her watching over you as you whip us these incredible and incredibly easy meals! Bravo, Janie! xo Mom

  2. 2.18.11
    Kim said:

    Jane, I’m like you – I was always too busy with activities to really learn how to cook. Now, I have about 4 standard meals I can make that I know most people will like. But if I try something new, I’m always in anticipation of the first bite taken by someone else because I want to please but also, I’m still not confident in my abilities as a cook. Anyway, because of you I went on their site and tried a shrimp stir fry recipe and not only was it easy but pretty good! That site is now on my favorites – thanks 😉

  3. 2.19.11

    As a fellow reviewer, I took loved the Scampi. So easy. Now to convince my son in college that he, too can make these…
    I’m going to visit some other posts on your blog now!

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