Day 56: 365 Days of Literacy for Kids – Fun, Easy & Completely Do-able

Our 56 Adjectives Literacy Project is coming to a close in a couple of days… but your children will have their 56 adjective friends forever.

Ah.  Adjectives.

Y the need for adjectives? Adjectives enrich our reading, writing and speaking with definition and description.  Adjectives define our images and our thoughts.

In 365 Days of Literacy for Kids, I’ve alphabetically offered 2 adjectives each day in February.  Children like the order of alphabetizing… and today is the Y day:

1.  yellow – of the color of gold, butter, egg yolk, lemons, dandelions; primary color occurring between green and orange on the spectrumWhat to love about this word? yellow is considered a happy, optimistic, happy color and yellow comes with lots of word friends. Talk with your children about interesting and descriptive yellow synonyms to use in writing and speaking for rich detail… words such as lemon, mustard, citron, saffron, gold, brass.  Grab a color chart and have fun with shades of yellow.  Look around you, find yellow and define it more specifically.  Encourage your children to think yellow and beyond!

2.  youthful –  characterized by or suited to youth; that in its early stage, new;  having the freshness of youth. What to love about this word? youthful, like yellow, is a happy, energetic word.  youthful can define many things… people, love, affection, delights, blooms, flowers, words, times, conditions, clothing. Look around with your children and find youthful, perhaps in a tiny bloom on a plant or to describe the behavior of a puppy, kitten or young animal.   Ask your children if they wear more youthful clothing than you!  This could be an interesting dialogue.  Talk about some youthful word friends such as fresh, zestful, juvenile.  Have fun with youthful.

yellow.  youthful. Lovely Y words.  Remember that LITERACY is all about WORDS – Written, Spoken, Felt. Discover the extraordinary in seemingly ordinary words!

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