Day 57: 365 Days of Literacy for Kids – Fun, Easy & Completely Do-able

Children love words.  Children love zestful, spirited words that add size, color, description and dimension to reading, writing and speaking.

Two such words can be found at the very end of the alphabet… waiting to be discovered and used:

1.  zestful – flavored, spirited, enjoyable;  full of zest, characterized by keen enjoyment. What to love about this word? zestful derives from the word zest, meaning the keen pleasure of enjoying something. zestful is a happy word.  zestful can describe such things as a personality, a taste, an action, a person, a life. Ask  your children if they know people with zestful personalities.  What makes these people full of zest, or zestful?  Talk about some happy synonyms for zestfulcheerful, delightful, filled with enthusiasm. Talk about foods that are zestydips, salsas, dressings. Use zestful.  Use zesty.  See how zestful you can be!

Another little way to understand the zest in zestful is to think lemons and oranges.  zest is the word for the outermost part of the rind or peel, and it is used for flavoring… to zest things up a bit!  zestful certainly is a zestful little word.

2.  zigzag –  having the form of a zigzag, a line or course having sharp turns in alternate directions. What to love about this word? zigzag is thought to be derived from the 2 vowels suggesting 2 directions.  Children will enjoy this origin and find it easy to understand.  zigzag sounds like something being pulled in two directions.  All kinds of things can be described as zigzag rivers and channels, lightning, handwriting, paths, chart lines, cracks and fissures, fabric patterns, to name a few. A direction can be zigzagExample:  The boat loosened itself from the dock and wandered off in a zigzag direction. Look around with your children to discover zigzag.  Draw zigzag lines.  Walk in zigzag paths.  Have fun with the zig and the zag.

zestful.  zigzag. 2 Adjectives to bring to the front of the line!  Remember that LITERACY is all about WORDS – Written, Spoken, Felt. Fun adjectives just add to the FELT part!

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