Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation presents Bibhu Mohapatra

It was a bittersweet morning for me… our last official Ecco Domani Style Squad show.

In true fashion, we showed up with Robert Verdi to Bibhu Mohapatra’s presentation…

Style Squad LOVES Robert Verdi

There were 3 things that jumped out to me about Bibhu Mohapatra’s presentation:

1. Elegance
2. Sophisticated Style
3. Luxury

I absolutely LOVED Bibhu’s presentation… his designs were FASHION-FABULOUSNESS to me. They were everything one would feel fashion week would embody…

When it comes to writing about fashion for moms… there’s always a gauge I try to keep in mind… and that’s essentially to the fun factor. Many of us in our “normal” lives as moms don’t get the opportunities or chances to wear glamorous frocks and gowns, over-the-top overcoats, stunningly gorgeous blouses and silk pants… but there’s a dream to be able to do that. Bibhu’s presentation brought out the fantasy in me of fashion… what would be fun to wear, what would be glamorous to wear, what would be something-something to wear.

It was beautiful.
It was fabulous.
It was stunning.

My personal favorite look…

Ecco Domani sure did pick 7 amazingly talented designers to showcase this year!

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