Puristics and the importance of Label Literacy

Earlier this month, Audrey, our mom and I traveled to New Jersey to meet the co-founders of Puristics.

This trip was a chance for us, as spokespeople, to spend the day with one of the co-founders, M’lou Arnett, and learn more about the development of this line of pure personal care products.

It’s not often that we, as consumers, get to meet the actual people behind the brands that we use… it’s not often that we get to exchange personal anecdotes about or the motivation behind their products.

Working with Puristics, we have been able to do this, and it is a privilege to be able to share this information with our readers.

In fact, one of the things I love about Puristics is that the company is all about sharing vital information with consumers; namely, the ingredients consumers are putting on, in and around their and their families’ bodies when using Puristics’ line of anti-aging, feminine protection and baby care products.

On its website, Puristics purposely provides information to help consumers navigate the labels and understand the ingredients behind the label copy. As M’lou says in this blog post, it’s called Label Literacy.

And when a brand encourages you to read the labels on its products – going so far as to link directly to said ingredients on its homepage – you know it’s important to them.

As I mentioned in my last post about Puristics, before we started working with the brand I never really took the time to think about the materials that go into making feminine products.

These are products that come into close contact with very sensitive areas of our bodies, and in talking with M’lou, I loved knowing that she and her team are extremely mindful of this when determining the ingredients that make up their products, particularly as their own family members are using them, too.

I recently made a point to go to the feminine care section of a nearby drugstore and read the packages of some of the popular brands’ products, looking for more information about what goes into making them. I’m not here to bash any brands or products, but I just get a much better feeling about the ingredients in Puristics’ products: 100% natural cotton for the pads and pantiliners and 100% organic cotton for the tampons.

No cellulose, rayon, perfumes, superabsorbent materials, plastic, or other petrochemical by-products typically used in the manufacturing of conventional feminine protection products.

Label Literacy… a simple concept, yet one that many consumers (myself included) tend to overlook sometimes, assuming that brands have our best interest in mind when choosing the ingredients in their products.

Puristics, I truly believe, does have our best interest in mind, and once again, this is why I am excited about sharing this brand with you.

Disclosure: We at Mom Generations are honored to be spokespeople for Puristics. We are being compensated for representing the brand; however, all opinions are mine and I stand by them!

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