Batteries seem to run our life… (thank you Rayovac)

I’m not kidding… batteries, truly… seem. to. run. my. life.

This morning with my husband, we started a list of everything in our lives that is battery operated, we thought we’d try and hit about 10 things…

1. Remote – that we DEPEND on…
2. LeapSter Explorers
3. Plug-in to the TV games, SpongeBob and Star Wars games.
4. Flashlights that the boys are constantly burning out
5. Dancing Mickey Mouse
6. Wii Remotes
7. Toothbrush
9. Headphones for when my husband is outside doing work in the yard
10. Alfie Robot
11. Zhu Zhu pets
12. Bouncing machine for the boys (they “need” the music)
13. Star Wars helmets
14. Old school radio downstairs the boys love to dance to
15. Remote for our car keys
16. Wireless weather station we teach the boys weather with
17. Lightsabers…
18. And more lightsabers…
19. Walky-talky in the house for the boys

Honestly… I could go on and on and on… it seems that every single toy the boys love to play with requires batteries. The flashlights in the house seem to need batteries the quickest b/c the boys love to play scavenger hunts in the house.

Rayovac batteries keeps up pumped up, charged up and geared up for every thing we need. We use the Rechargeables… Rayovac’s Everyday– Use line offers you the best value in rechargeable power for high-drain devices (a.k.a. handheld games and flashlights). You will never walk into my house without seeing this little baby…

They truly power our life and make everything “happen!” As far as my boys go, batteries are MAGIC! 🙂

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Disclosure: I’m a Rayovac Mom Ambassador

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