I love a good old movie…

Last night I went to my parents house for dinner with the boys to see my grandmother.  I love being with my grandmother, she’s truly a fascinating, funny and fashionable woman.  When I’m with her, I see my mom.  It’s almost crazy… their mannerisms are almost exact.  I would like to think I see myself in these lovely ladies…

Which brings me to this post.  I have to admit, I never, ever, ever, ever remember my mom and dad getting overwhelmed with me, my sister and my 2 brothers.  I truly do remember all things rosy and shiny and calm and relaxed.  Of course there were the times when I remember getting in trouble for doing various things… but – all in all, I was a pretty easy kid/teen/young adult (right mom?).

There are times when my parents are over and the boys are (literally) hanging from the wall or fighting or everyone asking me at the exact-same-moment for milk/yogurt/something… and it does, it gets overwhelming sometimes.  And it’s crazy, because I DO NOT remember my parents ever feeling that way.

So… it made me feel SO MUCH BETTER LAST NIGHT… as I was over my parents house and they unearthed some old footage of us as kids.  I sat there laughing my you-know-what-off as I watched myself as a 4, 5 and 6 year old!  I was EXACTLY William, Alex and Ben’s age in these videos.  But it was one video in particular that made me go, “Ahhh… I’m normal!”

Let me set the scene since I’m only showing a small clip.  Jane and I were reading the words on a rock, when she pushed me… you will see the video pick up right after the push.  Apparently I’m upset by this… (as you can see)…

But I’m not sure if you can hear this, but… my mom says, “Audrey CAN it… ” (And I did.)

I just about fell to the floor.

Thank you Mom for making me feel normal… 🙂

I love you. And I love a good old movie.

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Audrey McClelland has been a digital influencer since 2005. She’s a mom of 5 and shares tips on her three favorite things: parenting, fashion and beauty. She’s also a Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. 3.11.11
    Kim said:

    Darn, I couldn’t hear the “Can it!” at all. Anyway, albeit upset you looked so cute in that video – you both did. How lucky you are to have video like that – precious!

  2. 3.11.11
    Meg said:

    I thought my mom was the only one who used the phrase “can it” when I was a child. In those rare instances where I was misbehaving! 😉

  3. 3.11.11
    admin said:

    Audrey… Honey… Darling… ! Dad and I loved every second of parenthood. We still do. But we were pretty good in the discipline department, too! We didn’t tolerate too much whining or crying over small things. I think your parenting skills are perfect! Seriously PERFECT! Love you AND your perfect kids! xoxox! Mom

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