APRIL SHOWERS bring WORD POWERS: Days of Literacy for Kids!

I didn’t plan APRIL SHOWERS bring WORD POWERS to morph into ANIMAL WORDS, but I’ve received so many comments about how much kids are enjoying the ANIMAL WORDS that I’m bringing on the menagerie!

April Showers bring work powers

Let’s open the gates and part the wild grass to see what or who peeks out.  OK.  We have the dobbin, the kob, the lammergeir and the muntjac.

We know that 3 of these animals are crinigerous, perhaps all of them partake in jentaculum… and yet none of them are known for fritinancy.  Do you think any of them have halluxes?

Well, here’s an animal that is the opposite of crinigerousthe naked mole-rat

Yep.  The naked mole-rat, sure to give kids a little chuckle along with some very interesting facts to discover.

The naked mole-rat is a burrowing rodent with pinkish-gray, wrinkly skin and hardly any hair.  The naked mole rat has actually been described as resembling “an overcooked hot dog with teeth.”   The naked mole-rat, known for its powerful jaw and strong incisors, is native to Africa and spends its entire life underground, continuously digging tunnels in search of food.  Members organize a colony system much like that of insects, where there is a queen with subordinates.

There’s a good chance that your kids will never bump into a naked mole-rat, but it’s certainly fun to know that these naked little creatures exist!

Join in each day with our 365 Days of Literacy for Kids – Fun, Easy & Completely Do-able here at Mom Generations.  Discover the magic that WORDS bring to Literacy and to your kids’ lives.





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