Benjamin- Our Baby Angel on his Platinum Birthday!

Benjamin just had the sweetest little birthday… turning 4 on 4/4.  I know the year you turn whatever age on the calendar date you were born is called your Golden Birthday, so this must have been Ben’s Platinum Birthday!

This guy used to be a baby and a Baby Angel.

Now he’s a big 4-year old boy… but still our Baby Angel!

Benjamin is the sweetest little guy in the whole world.  He has the sweetest little hugs, patting his little fingers so gently on your back like a little drummer boy when he hugs.  He has the sweetest voice… asking questions with the sweetest little inflections at the end. Ben loves his Mommy and Daddy, he adores his 3 brothers, and he’s always on the lookout for visitors like Pop-up, Grandma Rita, his aunties, uncles, his kid cousins and doggie cousins and me!  Ben always tells his visitors to take off their jackets and stay.

Ben has the widest smile and the greatest laugh.  It’s so easy to get Ben to laugh.  I think being the 3rd of 4 boys gives him lots of opportunities to laugh.  Ben loves to wave and blow kisses.  When I show up at swim lessons on Friday mornings, Ben waves gigantic waves and blows hundreds of kisses to me.  He does this even during his lesson!  He loves so big!   Ben never misses an moment to tell someone how much he LOVES you!  I live for these moments…

Ben has the biggest blue eyes.  His eyes are the sky, the ocean… pools of blue from from across the seas and over mountains and clouds.  Ben’s eyes are adventures waiting to happen and love ready to give.  I can only imagine the places these eyes will take Ben!

Somewhere along the line, Audrey began to call Ben her Baby Angel.  Ben loved this… and he still does.  He calls himself Baby Angel with all the love of his Mommy and his name all wrapped up in who Ben is.  I hope Ben is always Baby Angel.  I hope he always hugs with little finger drums.  I hope he always waves and blows kisses and laughs his giant laugh and smiles his magical smile and wants us to stay.

Benjamin is my little best friend.  My heart belongs to him.  I wish him the Happiest 4th Year ever, ever, ever… and I hope the magic of turning 4 on 4/4 carries our Baby Angel to magnificent places this year!

Thank you, beautiful Benjamin, for choosing me to be your Grandma! I love you to the sky and beyond!  You’ll always be our Baby Angel!

Ben and his favorite pancake-maker, Pop-up!

Ben with Auntie Janie and Brian… dazzling his big blue eyes!

I love this photo of my Mom (GrandmaRita)… and I captured it not realizing that the yellow balloon is right behind Ben.  Audrey knows that Ben’s other great-grandmother, NanaFlo, visits all of us through yellow balloons.  This photo is quite magical!

My Ben.  My Baby Angel.  My little sweetheart with the heart of gold on his Platinum Birthday!  I LOVE YOU!!!!



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