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In the almost 5 months that we’ve been working with Puristics as spokespeople, we at Mom Generations have had the chance to become quite acquainted with the products.

Friends have asked me about Puristics, naturally, and if I really do love the products. And the answer is yes, of course! I would never promote products I didn’t use myself and fully endorse.

I know my mom is the one who mostly talks about the anti-aging skin care line, but I use the Daily Anti-Aging Lotion and Revitalizing Eye Cream and LOVE them. Audrey mostly talks about the baby care products, but I have used the Diaper Cream when changing my nephew Henry’s diaper and definitely plan to use the baby products when I have kids of my own.

And, of course, I’ve talked about why I feel good using Puristics’ feminine protection products (this is the point in the conversation when I encourage the men to exit stage left)… but I wanted to let some of my friends use the products, too.

Like I’ve said before, feminine care products aren’t something we women sit around chatting about on a regular basis. I have never before said to one of my friends, “You just have to try this tampon!”

But now that I use Puristics and I know what goes in to making the feminine care products (or more specifically, what doesn’t go in to them – cellulose, rayon, perfumes, superabsorbent materials, plastic, or other petrochemical byproducts) – I do kinda have that, “You have to try these” feeling about the products.

So I’ve distributed Puristics tampons, ultra thin pads, and pantiliners to some of my friends over the last few weeks. The results were pretty much as I expected… let’s be honest, not many people get overly excited about feminine protection products, regardless of the materials used to make them. I wasn’t expecting anyone to say, “It made having my period so much more enjoyable!” – and no one did.

What I did think they’d say – and what they did say – is that it made them feel good to know they were using products that had no potentially harmful chemicals – and that they were pleasantly surprised that the Puristics products were just as comfortable and had the same amount of absorbency as the products they were used to using.

I’d like to think I’m a pretty credible person (as are my mom and Audrey), and I’d also like to think that that’s one of the reasons we looked like a good fit to be Puristics spokespeople.

I was happy to hear my friends’ reactions to using Puristics. I am a Puristics fan and I’m glad they are now, too!

Disclosure: We at Mom Generations are spokespeople for Puristics, but I would not write about or endorse the products unless I used and loved them!

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