The Temporary Second-Hand Jewelry Box

I knew that the bright red, bejeweled Jewelry Boxes had to have been made at pre-school.

First, there were 2 of them.

Second, they were the most precious Jewelry Boxes I had ever seen.

Third, the names ALEX and BEN were scrawled across the separate fronts of the 2 Jewelry Boxes.

I admired them out loud.  “Alex and Ben,” I said, “these are the most beautiful Jewelry Boxes I’ve ever seen!”

Alex answered, “Thanks, Grandma.  They’re Mommy’s Mother Day presents.”

I ahhhhhh-ed and ohhhhhh-ed at their loveliness.

4-year old Ben thought for a moment, picked up the box that said BEN on it, and said, “Grandma, this one’s for you.”  And he handed it to me.

I said, “Oh, Ben.  This is special for Mommy,” implying how could I ever accept this beautiful gift.

Ben answered, “Mommy has this one,” and pointed to Alex’s Jewelry Box.

I was in a conundrum.

Do I take this lovely gift from this lovely boy?

Or do I refuse it ‘cuz it’s really Mommy’s?

Ben extended his hands, his arms, his heart to me… in the form of the Jewelry Box with the name BEN written across the front.

Audrey was close-by and nodded for me to take it, but had that unstated look of temporarily.

I took the Jewelry Box and embraced Ben with my hands, my arms, my heart

I took the Jewelry Box home and placed it on an antique pine bureau that’s in my bathroom.  I filled the Jewelry Box with jewelry that I wear often… including my late mother-in-law’s pearl earrings, my tourmaline birthstone ring – a gift from Barry an opal necklace that my Dad gave to my Mom forever ago, a sparkly pink bracelet that, ironically, Ben also took from his Mommy and gave to me… and other very special things. 

I love my temporary Jewelry Box… and have been wondering when I have to give it up.

Well… that answer came last week.

Barry and I had Ben overnight, and Ben was very much looking forward to what Audrey calls Spa Treatments in Grandma’s tub.  This means that one brother (of 4) gets to be all alone for a few hours, generally including a bubble bath at bath time.

When it was time for a bath, Ben headed up my stairs and into the bathroom.  The first thing he saw was the red Jewelry Box sitting on top of the antique pine bureau.  He smiled so big.  He opened the lid.  He picked up the bracelet and smiled again. He shut the lid.  He picked up the Jewelry Box and took it downstairs to show Pop-up.  I called down the stairs, “Ben, be careful of the special stuff in the box!”

I heard him call back, “OK, Grandma.  I’m being careful!”

And he was.

Then it was Spa Time and snack time and bed time… and it wouldn’t be until the next morning that I opened the Jewelry Box to this…

Yes, Ben had placed his little Batman figure in that Jewelry Box, too.  Temporarily? I wondered!

I smiled with delight.  And my eyes filled with joyful tears at Ben’s exquisite sense of generosity.

Even if it means temporarily.

But ya know what?  I think the little red, bejeweled Jewelry Box (sparkly pink bracelet and all) may have found a permanent home.

I guess I’ll have to run this by Mommy…











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  1. 6.13.11
    Jane said:

    This is too cute, Mom. What a little sweetheart that Ben is!!!

  2. 6.14.11
    Kim said:

    A beautiful boy, with a beautiful heart makes a most beautiful and precious story. I loved it!

  3. 6.14.11
    Nancy said:

    A sweet story about the heart of a sweet little boy. How proud you must be of this little man. He seems like a very special boy.

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