Counting down to Father’s Day with Rayovac

One of the best parts about seeing my sons grow up is watching them begin to fully understand certain holidays.  They get more excited about Mother’s Day, birthdays (for other people in the family) and Father’s Day than anyone!  My son William this past Mother’s Day made me a beautiful ladybug rock for my office… he couldn’t wait to give it to me!  It was the cutest thing on earth and I (literally) have never loved a rock more in my life…

But now it’s almost Father’s Day… and the boys couldn’t be more excited!  They are seriously counting down and trying to find the most perfect gifts for Matt.

You know, it’s funny… I remember the first time I went home to meet Matt’s family (back in 1998), he had brought me to one of his friend’s houses to meet him and his wife and their brood of kids.  They had 4 kids (which to me at the time seemed shocking, funny how life works)! I’ll never forget seeing Matt with little kids for the first time, he was incredible.  They hung on him like he was a jungle gym and he played with them for hours, it was very cool to see. I couldn’t help thinking that someday he would make a terrific father.  (I was hoping it would be to my kids!)

And here we are… about to celebrate Matt’s 7th Father’s Day with his brood of 4… and his little men are super excited.  It takes a special kind of man to be a father.  And my husband has it… he’s full of love and life and passion and happiness. He makes the boys feel excited about everything they do, but most of all… he just loves them unconditionally. Nothing warms my heart more than when I hear him tucking them in at night, he loves them so much and they know it, and that… that right there makes me smile.

So what do you get the best dad in the world for Father’s Day?

I have a good 2 good picks for you! My sons are DYING to go camping this summer (which essentially means they will be in the backyard camping!), so I’m thinking that they should get Matt some really (super) cool items for being outside with Matt.

Here are some good choices from Rayovac!

Rayovac has an amazing Sportsman Xtreme™ 4W LED 3C Flashlight

Believe me, my husband will love this because it’s new and ultra bright, and will last for 50,000 hours!   I’ll be able to see them very easily from the backyard when they’re flashing away while making s’mores! Not to mention, my sons LOVE each having a flashlight and pretending it’s a lightsaber outside at night. It’s the cutest thing in the world!

Another pick for Father’s Day for my Matty could be Rayovac’s Sportsman 8D Area Lantern.

Matt’s into the outdoors and I know this would be perfect for him when he’s outside with the boys, me or decides to take a little fishing trip out in Narragansett this summer!  I get nervous when he’s heading out and doesn’t have any lighting with him, so this would make me feel better, too!

Don’t forget! Father’s Day is the 19th… so grab your gifts this week!

We will be! 🙂

Disclosure: I am a Rayovac Mom Ambassador.


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