Puristics and Summertime

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When I took the Puristics Challenge way back in February, the last thing on my mind was SUMMER.

My winter skin needs care and moisturizing, especially because I run outside all winter long.  Puristics gave me exactly what I needed with the purity I wanted.  My skin felt velvety soft and clean and pure all day long and all night long, too.

When I ran outside (which was a lot… since I trained for my first marathon from January to May), I felt an entirely new feeling when the Rhode Island chill, cold, wind, and lots of times even the rain and snow brushed against my face.  I felt PURE.  I know this may sound odd, but it’s true.   I had been used to moisturizers and sun block products literally running into my eyes as I worked up a sweat.  Yeah, gross… but true.

My Puristics products smoothed into my skin and stayed on my skin.  I felt so protected and yet so refreshed whenever I went for a run.

Then summer hit… seemingly out of nowhere.  After a very cold and rainy spring, last week it reached 98 degrees here in Rhode Island.  This 98 degrees exactly coincided with my new venture… training for a Danskin Sprint Triathlon.

Holy HOTness, Tri-Woman!

Swimming.  Biking.  Running.

Hot. Hot.  Hot.

Sweating.  Sweating.  Sweating.

Need moisture.  Need moisture.  Need moisture.

I filled my swim bag with all of my essentials, one being my Purisitcs 15 spf Anti-aging Lotion. Again, pure.  I can hop out of the pool at my local YMCA, shower quickly, apply my Puristics and head out on a bike ride or run.  I don’t worry about dripping with face cream while working up a sweat.

I like easy.  I need easy.  I’m an active woman, wife, mom and grandma of 9.  I want to feel good and look good, too.  But I need PURE.

Puristics was a wonderful winter discovery.  But this summer Puristics experience has me jumping for joy.

OK. OK.  I might just have to dig out my pogo stick!






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