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About a month ago I was sent a package from Beecology filled with lots of goodies… goodies that I was excited to check out and get some use out of! I’m always up for trying out some new beauty products, especially eco-friendly, natural bath/body ones!

But I have to be honest, before even opening one of the products, there were already a couple of things that (really, really, really) intrigued me about Beecology… it’s a multi-generational business, something I just love. I’m from a family of entrepreneurs, I know the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating and sustaining a business, and I just think it’s crazy-cool that the Rzepka family does this so well and together.

And the other thing I loved right away was their charitable giving… they donate 10% of their net profits to a consumer’s charity of choice. Each supported product contains a charity code. After the purchase, consumers can visit Beecology’s charity website, to enter the code and designate to which charity to donate to. That’s pretty phenomenal!

Beecology offers products that are handcrafted from natural, renewable ingredients for the body.  Products include: essential oil nourishing soaps, preservative free body wash, sulfate-free hair care products, antioxidants creams, raw natural honey and Buzz Balm lip balm.

The first product I tried out was the Buzz Balm Peppermint Lip Balm.

You want something soft for your lips?  Oh, mama… you get it with Buzz Balm.  I was amazed as to how easy it went on and stayed on.  All the ingredients in the Buzz Balm are pure, and I’ll tell you what — your lips feel moisturized very quickly.  Perfect for the upcoming winter months where chapped lips are a common occurrence for many!

Next product I tried out was the Original Honey Hand & Body Cream.

When it comes to keeping my hands soft, I’m a soft-hand lover!  I have very dry skin, especially on my hands, so I am always excited to try a new fabulous cream.  What I absolutely LOVED about the Honey Hand & Body Cream was that it I was moisturizing with Cupuacu, Shea butter, and olive oil, the most PERFECT natural ingredients!  It really is a trio of bee-provided wonders brings soothing, healing relief to all types of skin! I also loved that it wasn’t greasy, it blended right in and kept my hands smooth and soft.

The body washes were fun to try out…

Honey & Peppermint’s scent of Beecology’s very own honey and essential oil of peppermint absolutely revives and rejuvenates!  While Lavender with Bergamot is definitely more subtle, smooth, and soothing, with a delightful citrus afternote. For someone like me, with my 4 sons… body washes are a luxury now, my showers are usually in and out type deals, but it was nice to give myself a little extra-something and relax and pamper!  A MUST NEED for a mom.

And last up… the Handcrafted Natural Soaps!

Again, another total pampering thing for me!  I was sent Dead Sea Mud Soap (LOVE!), Totally Hip Hemp Soap, Tea Free Oil Soap and Relaxing Lavender with Honey Soap (my personal FAVE!).  Beecology uses pure, simple ingredients straight from the Earth that work together to release the healthy beauty in your skin.  The soaps are absolutely incredible, I highly recommend checking these out, I even sent one to my mother to try out because I was so blown away by them!

The passion and the dedication Beecology has for creating products that are eco-friendly, natural, safe, healthy and healing is unbelievable.

Watch this video to get a deeper story of Beecology and “meet” the Rzepka Family!

It’s funny, I’ve never really been a big fan of these little guys…

… but now I’m changing my ways! Thanks Beecology!

Disclosure: I was sent Beecology products to review.

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