Rayovac’s Indestructible Lights (Were they made for us?)

OK… Home Depot and Rayovac just may have created this with the McClelland boys in mind… 😉

(I’m kind of kidding…)

Rayovac is launching a new line of Indestructible Lights starting TODAY (Sept 5th) at Home Depot.

What’s so cool about the Rayovac Indestructible Light from my end?

I need something that’s going to stand up to the test of time and well… just about anything that can be thrown at it.  With a aluminum/titanium construction, unique metal and rubber design, superior engineering, and a lifetime guarantee, it’s up for just about  anything you can throw at it.  Seriously, how cool is that?

But really, for me… it all comes down to the durability.  With Hurricane Irene behind us, and our lights out for 4 1/2 days… I know now more than ever how IMPORTANT and NECESSARY it is to depend on Rayovac.  My sons were terrified when the lights went out… and as it got darker and darker, I have to admit it, I hated it, too.

Actually… this is the fun we had with some of our smaller Rayovac flashlights…

But it’s the Rayovac Indestructible Lights that absolutely have me excited — especially with talk of Hurricane Katia sneaking up! The Indestructible Lights are bright, long-lasting and oh-so durable and yes… they’re virtually indestructible. Oh, yes… boys and a hurricane… not scared! These lights can handle it!

What’s so cool about Rayovac’s Indestructible Lights from my sons’ end?

At one glance…

… my sons were excited they looked like light sabers. Now I just need to make sure I get 4 of them!

And right now on Rayovac’s Facebook page there is an AWESOME promotion going on that you don’t want to miss! From Sept 2nd through Oct 3rd enter to win a $1,000 Home Depot gift card along with dally prizes including indestructible lights and batteries.

Don’t miss out!

Disclosure: I’m working as a Rayovac Mom Ambassador.

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