Rayovac’s Lithium-ion Rechargeable Powerpack

OK, moms… you’re gonna love Rayovac’s Lithium-ion Rechargeable Powerpack!

I had a chance to use mine up close and personal for the last 3 days in NYC and I love, love, loved it! Talk about making life easier and convenient for a digital mom!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times my iPhone has died because my battery has gotten so low. I’m not even kidding, I think it happened 2 times a day while I was away at BlogHer this past summer. This effects my life. I can’t get in touch with my family. I can’t get in touch with my friends. I can’t work. I can’t document anything. I need to be connected and charged up at all times.

I was blown away by the user-friendliness of the Rechargeable Powerpack. I get all nervous when I see wires and things that need to connect… I know, it’s laughable, but I literally do. BUT! When I saw how easy it was to connect to my laptop and then to my iPhone (and to digital cameras, MP3 players, portable gaming devices), I was immediately at ease. It’s super easy to use and super easy to add into my travel/home routine.

While away, I had a bunch of people intrigued about the Powerpack.
These are my 5 TOP reasons for really loving it:
1. Lightweight (it’s not an added weight in my bag!)
2. WORKS (totally over-delivers!)
3. Easily pop into your handbag (small)
4. Eliminates the worry of a constant draining battery
5. Works on smartphones, digital cameras, portable gaming devices and MP3 players (I bring my iPod with me when I travel, too – so it was great to know it would work on that as well)

And in addition, just so you know all the in’s and the out’s completely:
Features and Benefits:
•800 MAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Charges in 3 Hours
Recharge PS60 by USB or your device wall plug
Includes adapters: Micro USB, Mini USB, and Plug for Apple Devices
•Charge Cell/Smart Phone for 6 hours of Talk Time
Recharge MP3 Player and iPod Nano 3X
Compatible with cell/smart phones, digital cameras, portable gaming devices and MP3 players
LED Battery Gauge Indicators
Colored LEDs: Indicate Charging Status

You absolutely want to pick one of these up, especially if you’re a digital mom and work off your phone constantly. They’re available at Walmart and I’m not kidding, you’ll be wondering how you’ve gone this long without one!

Disclosure: I’m working as a Rayovac Mom Ambassador

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