CVS Gift Card Promotion NOW through December 25th! *GIVEAWAY $100 CVS Gift Card

This is the LAST week of the CVS Gift Card Promotion!

You can earn $10 gift cards to Macy’s, Gap, Applebee’s, Shell Stations, American Express, Barnes & Noble or CVS/pharmacy every week simply by spending $30 on products marked as part of the “Earn Free Gift Cards” promotion. All you have to do is check your circulars!!! The products range from health and beauty items, to groceries and snacks, household needs, toys and electronics.

Stock up NOW!

I love CVS’ newest video is of the incredible Migdalia Rivera of shows how you can earn free gift cards while you shop for last-minute holiday needs at CVS/pharmacy.

And the $100 CVS GIVEAWAY!! Grab it!!

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  1. 12.22.11
    Megan M said:

    What a great prize ! I love all the ECB @ CVS. I’ve got lots of gift card deals in my stockings

  2. 12.22.11
    Danielle Ferguson said:

    I would love to WIN a CVS Giftcard!

  3. 12.22.11
    Patti said:

    I have already gotten 2 of these cvs gift cards! It’s a great promotion!!

  4. 12.22.11
    Annalisa said:

    I love your website! It has been really difficult to get the $10 Amex gift card in my area- they are the 1st to go. I am usually lined up and one of the 1st customers to get my $30 worth of products to get this. Its a shame that this promotion is coming to an end…I would look forward to getting MY free $10 (am a stay at home mom) from products that we would use anyways. This way I can have a coffee and not feel guilty about it. I hope I win I could sure use some extra ME money. Thanks for giving me to opportunity to enter! Happy Holidays!

  5. 12.22.11
    Diane said:

    I love CVS!

  6. 12.22.11
    Rachel V said:

    I have a CVS less than a half mile from house!

  7. 12.22.11
    Jessica Correia said:

    I just got back from CVS for the 75% off makeup and the free essence of beauty purse size lotion. I love CVS according to my receipt I have saved 1400 dollars so far, in just a few months! I have 6 within 6 miles of me almost go there on a daily basis.

  8. 12.22.11
    Wanda M said:

    Great giveaway! Too bad I never win them! lOL

  9. 12.22.11
    Andrea Julian said:

    CVS has the best deals!

  10. 12.22.11
    Mary W said:

    CVS rewards is easy to use and staff is friendly!

  11. 12.22.11
    Melissa P. @Mel4Him said:

    There are so many CVS stores in my location. CVS is a great place to shop for great deals. I’ve always liked their holiday section.

  12. 12.22.11
    Patricia Caradonna said:

    I shop at CVS using my rewards card several times a week. Can’t wait to get my quarterly savings on Jan 1. Staff and pharmacy people are fantastic. Thanks for the chance/opportunity to win the $100 gift card. Happy Holidays!

  13. 12.22.11
    Vickie Couturier said:

    CVS is one of my favorite stores to shop during the holdiays,usually some really good sales

  14. 12.22.11
    Lexigurl said:

    I love how many different places you can earn cards for! Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!
    lexigurl_17 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  15. 12.22.11
    kim adams said:

    Great Job Migdalia did on the video, I’m going to rush down tommorrow to get free gc’s too 🙂 I love CVS we have been going there since I was a kid. It’s a great store, great deals & products. In Hawaii everyone goes to CVS for their local snacks like li hing mango, dried pineapples, rice crackers, mac nuts and more. CVS is the best! thank you so much

  16. 12.22.11
    debbie said:

    I could really use this. I like CVS.
    [email protected]

  17. 12.22.11
    Leslie said:

    Thanks, Audrey!!

  18. 12.22.11
    Jennifer Washock said:

    Migdalia, I loved your website! I LOVE CVS and their ECB rewards program. I shop at my local CVS twice a week and because of their CVS reward I was able to stock up on half of my christmas baking ingredience as well as pick-up a few gifts for a few cents. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

  19. 12.22.11
    Wendy Muher said:

    Love my CVS — my extra bucks show that I am there entirely too often!

  20. 12.22.11
    Mami2jcn said:

    I love the cosmetics at CVS!

  21. 12.22.11
    Ashley H. said:

    I could really make $100 go a long way at CVS 🙂

  22. 12.22.11
    Jessie C. said:

    Love gift card promotion @CVS

  23. 12.22.11
    Susan P. said:

    We have 2 CVS close by and one I like to shop at and the other I don’t – has to do with the people that work there, I guess.

  24. 12.22.11
    Gina M Maddox said:

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  25. 12.22.11
    Kelly M said:

    I love CVS. I’ve done the spend $30 get $10 gc. great promotion

  26. 12.22.11
    aimee said:

    Oh oh pick me pick me! 🙂

  27. 12.22.11
    Craig Slocum said:

    Awesome, Happy Holidays!

  28. 12.22.11
    Trista said:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I have a CVS that I can walk to with my baby in the stroller. I have really saved a lot of money on necessities there.

  29. 12.23.11
    Deanna G. said:

    I”d love to win! 🙂

  30. 12.23.11
    .Tina M said:

    I love CVS. Thank you for the giveaway

  31. 12.23.11
    Erin (@misselj) said:

    Thank you for the chance. This would be so awesome to win! Happy Holidays. @misselj on twitter

  32. 12.23.11
    shari said:

    always shopping at CVS – would love to win $100.

    Thank you.

  33. 12.25.11
    Amanda Sakovitz said:

    I love CVS and their gift cards promotion.

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