“READ-IT-AGAIN!” December: DREAM SNOW by Eric Carle

DAY 356 of 365 Days of Literacy for Kids!

Join “READ-IT-AGAIN!” during DECEMBER on 365 Days of Literacy for Kids!

Reading aloud to your kids & grandkids is a wonderful and proven way to improve vocabulary and increase reading comprehension and thinking skills by connecting directly with a book… its words, its story, its message, its magic. The more books in early childhood, the greater the chances for reading success.

As a *Reading Teacher, Mom & Grandma, the words “READ-IT-AGAIN!” are music to my ears! That’s why I’m finishing my year of 365 Days of Literacy for Kids with 31 picture books, all winter and/or holiday-themed, read aloud by me.

Each picture book is hand-selected from my wonderful local East Greenwich, RI Free Library, and I encourage adventures to your own town or city library during this time of year… to calm, collect and still the swirl of busy.

Sit back, enjoy… and click replay to “READ-IT-AGAIN!” (if you must sneak from the room)!


December 22nd: Today’s “READ-IT-AGAIN!” picture book is DREAM SNOW by Eric Carle. This is a story about a “dream” of gently falling snow…

Join me here each day in December for “READ-IT-AGAIN!” – on 365 DAYS OF LITERACY FOR KIDS! – fun, easy and completely do-able!

DREAM SNOW by Eric Carle

*Sharon Couto graduated from Rhode Island College with a degree in Education/English and holds a Master’s Degree in K-12 Reading/Education from Boston University.  Sharon taught high school English & Reading for 30 years.  She has 4 adult children, 3 in-law & 1 “soon-to-be” in-law children and 9 beautiful grandchildren.  Promoting Literacy is Sharon’s mission.


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